Monday, 18 May 2015

The Big Trip.

Hullo lovelies, how is everyone? It's exam week in our home, which means, after this week is Summer break!!! So that is really exciting...hopefully there will be a lot of time for dolls this summer, and maybe it won't be too hot to do some stuff outside.
We'll see, but anyway...this is the post I have been working on very slowly for over a month, so let's get started. (It is a lot shorter than I thought it would be!)

I know I have said a lot about a trip in the past couple of posts, and you might be wondering where I am going exactly. I know I kind of mentioned where a couple of posts ago...but then again, you might not. Nobody has asked where, but I'll be telling you anyway! ;P

So, in the last week of this month, my family is going on a week long trip.
Most of you know that I am homeschooled, Sisters and I take some online classes from this school that is based in Lancaster, PA. And every year, they have this big get-together, where students and teachers from all over the world come into Lancaster for a week of activities. My family has never been able to go, but my eldest sister graduates this year, so we're going to be going up to PA.

As if that wasn't enough! Nah, we're taking the train instead of the plane too...which is going to be totally awesome!

(Picture from Google)
I have always had an 'obsession' with trains, I have never had the chance to ride on a real one, but now's my chance!

Anyway...heh heh. We also get a day in have no idea how long I have wanted to go to Chicago. For like eight years or more. So yes, we'll get to go to the AG store and the Lego store, also the Art Institute.

(Google again)

We get three days in PA, It is going to be so much fun, I can't even.
We also get a day in D.C. on our way home. So yeah, that is our trip,

Don't worry, there will be plenty of pictures. ;P
There should be more posts in the future on more about the trip.
So stay close for that post.
If you have any questions, comment down below!
So yep folks, that's it for this post!
When are exams for you?
Are you looking forward to Summer vacation?

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  1. I live in Chicago!
    Have a nice trip!