Saturday, 12 April 2014

a little bit of everything and catch up!

Hullo girls! sorry it's been sooooo long since I really posted! i have sixteen posts backed up, so I'm going to try to cover a lot in this one post.
Ruthie was flipping through the AG catalog, trying to decided what to order.
"hmmm this is pretty..."

"yes let's do this one."
"okay... 28$"

"here's the gift cards,"

we set the order,


we painted this red cabinet and put it in my room,

and here's the picture from Saint Patrick's day...... I really got behind 

see? here's the cabinet.

the AG order came in while we were in Kentucky, Mom and C opened it before I got home.....

here's the dress and accessories  

on Saige,

and C surprised me with this!

Jess set up a couple of the dolls for when I came home from Kentucky.

On kanani,

twining's changed there Irish breakfast tea bags!
it's sooo cute!

Easter baskets for all!

J,C and Mom's dolls.


Mom also surprised me with theses,

chocolate bunnies!

we own this mold, and it's the perfect size!

we made wrappings for the bunnies,

mawmaw gave me this china doll...

she's gorgeous!

there will be plenty more later!


  1. Wow! That's like five posts in one! Love your new acquisitions and the Easter pictures.

  2. Cool! I love those outfits so much. <3 And that Irish tea sounds good!
    ~Marisa :)

  3. Nominated you for the MagNeoBio award. :)

    ~Marisa <3

  4. You were nominated for the MagNeoBio award at my blog,

    1. thank you! I'll get on it soon!