Thursday, 30 April 2015

What I've been up to: April Edition.

Hullo all! Sooo a lot of people do this type of post...and I thought I might give it a try, let's see what I've been up to! This is just going to kind of be a photo-dump and a recap of April. Hope you enjoy!

At the beginning of the month, the babies came down for an entire week...they haven't done that in a long time. If you haven't seen the post with pictures in it can find that here.
That was really a lot of fun, although my arms were trying to fall off afterwards from holding E. She's a real sweetie.
Next month,  my family is going on a eight day long trip to Chicago, Lancaster and D. C...(More on that in a bit) I have been trying to get ready for that. While we are in Lancaster, there is this Talent show that our school does that you have to audition for. We gave it a try. If you haven't seen that yet, and you would like it is:
 We don't know if we have made it in yet or not, we ought to know in the middle of next month.

(Not my picture found on the Internet...not sure where.)
Getting super excited for the CW concert. It is in one week...EEEK! So excited! 
We're going to see Mairead Nesbitt, Susan Mcfadden, Lynn Hilary, Annnndddd Alex Sharpe!! SO excited that Alex and Lynn are going to be there!!!
If you haven't listened to any of their music, I hope you will open a new tab to Youtube and type in 'Celtic Woman', click on one of the videos and enjoy. If you do do this, let me know what you think and which song you listened to...if you already listen to their music....what is your favourite song? Tell me in the comments!

Need some background music to listen to?
You have been warned. 
I have been listening to these pieces a lot this month...for no real reason.
From the new 'Cinderella' movie. I hope you have seen this movie. It is fantastic. I love it. I want to see it again. This song is 'A Golden Childhood' and it is very pretty.

Narnia! *Squeal* This is 'Father Christmas' 
'Dumbledore's Army'

So yeah...that is a taste of what I have been listening to.

Reading? I recently finished 'The Goblet of Fire' I'm waiting to get the next book. :)
It was really good.

Mostly OUAT.
Once Upon A Time: Season two
Snowing and Rumbelle forever.

Jess made me a wand. It is exactly 13 3/4 inches :) 
A picture I took today of the dollies, The light is really interesting...don't you agree?
The yard has been so green, that is when it isn't raining...then it is just one big swamp.
The Easter mantel. :) Mum does such a lovely job of decorating.

I have made it through one more month of school...just a couple more weeks to go. I think I can make it there in one piece...hopefully.
This month is at a close once more, it flew by very quickly, but dragged at the same time, but that is the game life plays.  Anywho, in little less than twenty minutes it will be May the first. Happy Early May Day! heheheh...yeah okay.  
 Honestly...I can't think of anything else to say or share with you guys. Just one big thank you to all of you. I know this year *Cough cough and last year* Have been really low on posts...but, life likes to be busy, even though...I'm not sure what I've been doing besides school to make me busy. Oh wait...and pintrest...and..yeah. I spend to much time on the internet, time that I should be taking pictures to post on my blog. But maybe this summer we'll get back into a schedule type thingy for blogging.
So yeah, thanks. 
More posts to come soon hopefully. :)
Huffluepuff-Redheaded Lu signing out.

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