My Darling Dollies!

My collecting of AG began in late 2007. One of my sisters and mine friends let me play with her AG dolls; later that year mum and dad helped me buy Kit on eBay. She came in the mail three days after Thanksgiving that year (Nov, 25th.)  :)
She was my only AG doll until 2010 when my family went to the Dallas store and I bought Ruthie.
Later that year AG posted that Felicity would soon be leaving the collection :(
Now Felicity was always one of my favorites because she looks almost just like me. AG has never made a "Just Like You" doll with auburn hair without bangs that has green/hazel eyes. My friend G who I mentioned earlier had a Felicity doll whom Kit and Ruthie often invited her over for a sleepover so they really wanted her too. I got Felicity for Christmas that year :)
(Full-name: Lissie-Mae)
I don't think I'm the only girl that whenever a new doll comes out that she's your absolutely favourite and says that you're going to buy her...I often have done this myself. But when Kanani came out I fell in love with her! I started saving up for her three times that year, it never lasted long though. 
In December I was sure that I had to get her but I didn't see how. I was hoping that maybe, just, maybe I would get her for Christmas.
Mawmaw got her for me for Christmas that year it was one of the best Christmas presents ever. I was so surprised :)
(Full name: Kanani Ania)

and then there's Saige!
Saige joined my little doll family Christmas Eve 2013. I was most surprised! My Kanani did a little review for her on her blog, here.

Saige was a surprise for me, because I hadn't expected to get her. I hadn't even really told anybody tat I wanted her, because I wasn't sure. But when I was handed the box and got it open I realised just how glad I was to have her, seeing as her hair colour almost perfectly matches my shade. Saige is a darling doll and I'm very glad that she joined us.

Next up we have Marie.
Darling Marie-Grace joined our little family on July 3rd, of 2014.
Alright, so this is how her tale goes. Marie-Grace's stories are set in a "charming" place called New Orleans. So when she came out in sister and myself were very thrilled, seeing as that place is but a few hours from where Mannerbee Mansions is located. Not to mention that Marie and I share a part of each other's names...;P
So she was a must, however; she never made it to my wishlist for Christmas, and here's why. Marie's friend Cecile was a doll that my sister Jess wanted, but Jess never asked for a doll for Christmas. We were going to save up together and get them as a collection. But if you know my sister at all then you probably know how she is about saving up for things. Come 2014, Ag announced the heartbreaking announcement about the two girls getting sent to the Ag history books. In a scurry I made mum a deal that I would pay her back, seeing as I had half enough money for her at that point, and I knew she was lival to sell out before I had it all. So there's my tale. 
Little Miss Caroline-Rose came to us on Christmas Eve of 2014. I was kind of surprised to add two dolls to my collection in one year, I was worried that it would cause bumps in the creating of their characters. But I was very glad to get Caroline, seeing as she (was) set in the Regency era, and that being possibly one of my families' favourite time periods, she was a must. Plus rumors had been heard of her retiring. AG kind of went all retiring-happy, didn't they?

Grace-Ellen came next,
Given to me by my dear Mawmaw on the 23rd of Dec, 2015.
Grace is my doll that if she could live in the 1950s, she would. She loves just about anything red, adores baking, reading, cycling. She's a fun friend.

Adeline Freya Pearl

And now....for the latest addition to the Redhead's collection.... *Drumroll*

Willa Katherine Truly
My Mawmaw bought Willa for me at Toys-R-Us on Friday the 16 of March as a little happy. It took me awhile to decide whether I wanted a Wellie-Wisher or not, but I'm very happy with this little darling and look forward to maybe adding two more to my collection later.

That is all the dolls I have at the moment....:D
Keep checking back though, because you just never know!



  1. That's so cool! You can't get these in Australia which is a shame as I always wanted one! :-)

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    1. Thank you! I was surprised at how well it came out! the light is perfect!
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  3. I love that picture of Marie-Grace!!!!

  4. Your dolls are all soooo gorgeous!!

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