Sunday, 22 April 2018

Happy Earth Day, 2018! (April, Oregon Nature Picture Dump)

Hullo lovelies! This is just going to be some pictures of nature that I'm proud of recently, you can expect a longer post explaining my absence soon, in the meantime, enjoy these non-doll-related pictures!
Rhododendron, the park that I took the majority of these pictures at in Oregon had dozens of these, different variations or types and colours.
 Japanese Magnolia
 Random park steps we passed on a walk.

Faerie pool.
My apologies about some of these being unedited, some of them could use some cropping for sure, but this post was a little spontaneous and I didn't feel like over-thinking it to re-edit things. Like I said, I'll explain where I've been and why there hasn't been any posts in a few days if everything goes to plan.
Thanks for sticking with me!
Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Sisterly Bonding Time (AGPS 02-20-18)

Hullo lovelies! It's Wednesday again! I almost missed it, but don't ya worry, I'm here. This photo-shoot is from a few weeks ago when I attempted to take my blondes out for a spring ride, but things didn't go quite as planned...
Kit found a daffodil! 
And snowbells!
I think this was the first time I had actually put Caroline in this outfit, and it's really pretty on her!
I'm really glad these two are becoming a little more on the same page, they didn't get along when I got Caroline, really much at all.
I love regency boots, do you?
Blue eyes.
I love this picture!
This is actually Caroline and Kit on Penny, but I could get them to balance because of the wind and multiple other things, but, oh well. I think this photo-shoot turned out well, even though it wasn't want I had initially wanted it to be.
The past few days I have been sick on the couch watching Netflix, so that's fun. On Friday I went to get my state ID, and I think I picked something up there. My voice is hoarse, but I am on the mend, so here's hoping I'm better before much longer. Not a fun way to spend Spring break though. :(
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu, Caroline-Rose, & Kit

P.S. Happy Pride and Prejudice Publication Day!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Welcome Willa Katherine Truly! (AGPS+Introductory 03-20-18)

Hello loves,  today's blog post is a little more extraordinary than recent ones have been because today I'm introducing a new friend! Ever since the Wellie-Wishers came out I've been debating with myself on whether or not to get one, not wanting to feel obligated to begin another major collection, but since I am going on a trip and didn't just want to bring a mini doll, (also my cousin that I'm visiting on said trip has an Ashlyn doll) I thought it was the perfect time if I was to get one. So on Friday after voice lessons, my Mawmaw took Bren and I to Toys-R-Us, since he had never been and she let me pick one out. So please, welcome to the group, Willa Katherine Truly! (I know, I know, it's a mouthful I couldn't make up my mind!)
Initially I was going to get Kendall, but I have a really hard time passing up a redhead, as a ginger myself. We gingers have to stick together, you know.
She is super cute, but photographing her is going to be a learning curve because she's so light compared to the others and likes to fall down. Not a good doll for windy photography!
She has a big heart, I know that much already!
Also, Happy Second Day of Spring!
See her left boot, how it's messed up? Story time in a moment.
I love her shirt so much!
Hedgehogs on her skirt. Absolutely adore this colour.
Bunny ears! ;P
And of course doggy ears for her curly hair.
Alright, so, this is how the story goes. I had taken Willa's boots off to take a photo-shoot before deciding that I wanted to take pictures of her in town (Which didn't end up happening) so I put the boots in her lap and loaded her up into my usual backpack, not thinking twice about it really. When I took her out, back at home, I noticed this little black dot that hadn't been there before, I picked up the boot, and sure enough...
There was a black dot missing from the ladybug's nose. The paint from the boots had bled onto Willa's vinyl. I cleaned off her leg with water, but as you can see in the photo-shoot above, it is still very obvious. That being said, you can't see the issue on her leg if she's wearing her boots, but the boot is messed up now! I'm very disappointed, I certainly would never have expected this from American Girl, maybe Our Generation or Journey Girl, but not AG. So I emailed them twice about it and both times I got told to call if I wanted anything done about it. If I have to call it's likely going to spike my anxiety levels, so I haven't done that yet, I'm trying to make up my mind whether it's worth the fight or not. 
What do you think? Have you ever been astonished in a bad way about an AG product? 
If you'd like to know a little bit more about Willa's personality, let me know down below and I'll see about getting a post done about it. I have some really fun photo-shoot ideas for her, so cross your fingers I can find time and energy to get that done!
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu & Willa K. Truly