Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Happy Independence Day Party 2018

Hullo loves! Can we please pretend for a moment that it is still the fourth of July? I tried really hard to get this post up on the right day, but at the last minute I realised I hadn't pressed publish, and my laptop was dead, with it's power chord being about 40 miles away with my sister. So bear with me, I tried!
Now, the post:
Happy 4th of July to you all! So something a little interesting, yesterday (July third) was Marie-Grace's fourth year of being apart of my dollie family, and since we were planning to do a fourth of July party today anyway, we sort of combined them. Although I couldn't find a four candle for the tart. Ah well, enjoy!
The party girls!
Caroline, Ruthie, Marie, Saige, and Kit.
Every party needs its decorations!
I really really really like this picture.
Stars and Stripes.
Time for tart!
I'm really proud of this picture too.
So Marie and Saige are two of my rare dolls that I got less than a year apart, I got Saige, Christmas 2013, and Marie July of 2014. They were sort of destined to be best of friends.
Of course Caroline joined the next Christmas, so she's right up there with them. =)
This picture reminds me of something you'd see in an AG catalog, which makes me happy. ;P
It wouldn't be a fourth of July post without some firework pictures. This looks an awful lot like an American flag, don't you think? Makes me glad my shutter-speed was so low on my camera!
Alrighty, that's all from me. I promise I'm trying to get back on some sort of schedule, life just feels like a mess right now. Give me time, I'll get back on top of things for awhile, at least.
Much love to you all!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Redheads with Bunnies (AGPS 04-01-18)

Hiya friends, today's post is from April, back before I left for my trip to Oregon. It's a post of my redheads, and I really love the way it turned out. Enjoy!
This is probably my favourite picture from the shoot.
Isn't this one so cute?
Thanks for stopping by!
What was your favourite picture? Have you ever pet a bunny before? Our neighbour used to have two that we would go play with sometimes. They are very smelly! Did you know that bathing a bunny could make it die because they have no way to warm themselves up after getting wet. On  a happier note, Willa is settling in nicely, and I'm planning her bedroom for when the new dollhouse is set up, I'm sure there will be a blogpost on it.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
~The Redhead girls: Lu, Saige, Lissie-Mae, & Willa-Truly