Monday, 15 April 2019

Camille's Welcome (AGPS 04-13-19)

Hullo friendlies, last Wednesday, my mum and I went to Barnes and Noble after voice lessons because it was mid lunch time and the grocery store would have been crazy. I had seen someone say that Wellie Wishers were 25% off, but doubted that our store would follow the trend. I was thankfully wrong, and was able to pick up my second WW. As you might recall from last year--when I got Willa, I mentioned that Kendall and Camille were next on my list. They didn't have any Kendall's in the old boxes, so I picked up a Camille, carefully chosen from the three on the shelves. Let me introduce you.
She was very securely fastened in her box. Twine twist tie around her neck, and the usual rubber bands around her legs.
She comes with this adorable starfish coral clip. She reminds me of a baby Kit. *Squeals* So so cute.
 Those daring blue eyes.
Is it even a WW photo-shoot without some sort of flowers?
I love these next couple of pics.
#shefelllikethis #natrual XD
 She's so happy to be a part of the family. Willa is beyond excited to have someone her own size to play with and plan her bedroom with!
 And the classic shot. Thankfully I learned my lesson, I'm keeping the boot paint clearly away from her legs!
(The picture from Willa's shoot^)
I just love her outfit. It's probably my favourite of the Wellies'
tiny toes! XD
Alright, the moment everyone has been waiting for. This beauty's name...
Camille Everly Alice
Camille is her given AG name, and I like it. Everly is after my cousin who Camille looks just like, and Alice-because Alice in Wonderland. Sorry, I just had to!
She is a very sweet and quiet child, with a big imagination. Her favourite colours are lilac, blue, and green. Her favourite creatures are hedgehogs, seahorses, and bunnies. She can't decide whether she wants to be a dancer, writer, or fairy-tracker when she grows up. Her birthday is April 10th.
Please give her a very warm welcome, and expect to see her much more in the future as she settles into the dolly family.
~Lu & Camille-Everly-Alice

Monday, 1 April 2019

Spring with Kit (AGPS 01-27-19)

Hi gang! How is everyone? Today's post is one of my older-style review and photo-shoot set ups! For Christmas, I received Kit's Mini Golf Outfit from AG. I'd love to show it to you all! Enjoy!
(Kit also got her new Christmas dress for Advent last year!)
Here's what it looks like when you first open it up.
The shoes are one of my favourite parts of this set. They're so sweet, and such fantastic quality. Some serious PC almost quality.
The socks are my absolute favourite of this set though. XD They're so adorable! Also very very thick like actual socks for golfing would be like from that time.
The colours are very vibrant too.
The hat is crochet in bright orange, with an orange blossom made out of ribbon and a button. A very cute detail.
The dress has Kit's initials (Margaret Mildred Kittredge) in the sky blue thread on the front. I don't feel like it's very Old-Book-Kit accurate, but it's cute!
The collar and sleeve cuffs are the orange two toned stripe.
That match the skirt.
The skirt is a very thin fabric, it would be cooling in summer, I suppose, but still, a little thin.
And here are a few detail pictures before heading outside!
The hat is very cute.
One of my favourite pictures. =)
I also really really like this picture. Overall, I'd say this outfit gets 4/5 stars. It's super cute, most of it is very good quality. If you have the chance to get it on sale, (my mum got it for 17$), I would say it's worth it.
Well thank you for stopping by,
Comments are always welcome.
~Lu & Kit
P.S. Happy April first!