Friday, 1 November 2019

Dolloween 2019

Happy belated dolloween! I decorated the dollhouse a few weeks ago and I thought I'd share the pics.
 I had a lot of fun with the mantel.
Dolloween instax from 2016^
 I love this picture.
Uh-oh, somekitty is watching you. o.o
 Spooky tree.
Skulls, candy, or maybe some poison? Just kidding, it's actually makeup that's been used up. =)
 Blaire and Marie.
 Blaire is an Irish-Stepdancer this year.
 And Marie borrowed Saige's costume and is a gypsy.
 Sweet Camille in all of her adorableness.
 This is actually a dog shirt that just so happens to fit on Camille. It's too big, but it looks like it's meant to be the way it's styled with her skirt.
 Caroline is Lover era Taylor Swift, and or a fairy princess.
 Isn't she pretty?
Thanks for stopping in.
I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween!

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Blaire Strolls the Courtyard (AGPS 09-14-19)

Hullo dears! I'm typing from my apartment on this sunny Saturday in September. I was supposed to go home this weekend, but there were some complications, so I'm here now. This is my first weekend staying on campus, and it is odd to say the least. I was able to get up the nerve to venture out with Blaire for the first time. My apartment, here on campus, has a little courtyard area, which is where these pictures were taken. Enjoy!
 I love this row.
So that's about all from me today. I haven't had time to catch up one everyone's posts, but maybe I can this evening. I've missed this community. I hope you're all doing well. If anything exciting is happening for your right now, I'd love to hear about it! <3
Blaire and I have survived our fourth week of university, and I'm realising that I don't think my 'Meet Blaire' post is up yet--so you might not know that I have Blaire? I can't remember. XD
Anyway, I'll see about getting a new post up soon.
Enjoy your weekend!
~Lu & Blaire-Aubin

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

18. (Birthday Look-back)

Hands up if you thought I'd forgotten about this post. Well I didn't--I just also didn't get it finished to my liking in time. But we're here now!
Last year, or maybe the year before--I can't remember, I did a thing where I went through all of my pictures of my year, from August to August to compile a flashback sort of thing for my bday. 'This is where we've been, this is where we're headed' sort of thing. I thought it would be interesting to do that again.
This year sure has been an adventure. I've hit some of my highest highs, and lowest lows. There are weeks that I don't remember, and weeks that I keep myself up at night thinking about. I've met some great people, and hung close to few dear friends.
One main thing that we did during my 18th year, was running the road. We had moved earlier in 2018, to somewhere that's just about an hour from anywhere we used to go regularly. And with music lessons, and the like, we spent a lot of time in the car jamming to CDs.
This is my old bedroom at Mannerbee, when I was nearly finished packing it up last August.
September, I started my Senior and Final year at Hogwarts *cough* High School. Annie and I made sure to mark the occasion. She wasn't too happy about that though. ;)
Late nights snuggling with kitties and watching Netflix with my brother.
There were a lot of sunsets.
Oh, and I won tickets to see Taylor Swift's REPUTATION Stadium tour in September. Whattttt. Yes, it was epic. (LOVER COMES OUT IN TWO DAYS OMGSH)
I took my oldest sister with me, after other plans falling through, and much debate. We had a brilliant time, she makes for a great concert pal.
More sunsets!
September 24th- Before and after getting braces on.
That was a big milestone too. They aren't fun. But that aren't always miserable either.
Also I did a lot, like A LOT of stress baking. Between getting ready for auditions, waiting to hear from auditions, getting bad responses from auditions, and everything else in between that life throws, cupcakes became an easy and rather delicious friend/cure.
One day in early October I was allowed to spend about three hours all on my own in an empty Mannerbee--it wasn't very good for me emotionally, there were a lot of tears, much dancing, singing, and taking of slightly creepy pictures.
Getting ready for college auditions. My acting teacher and I searched and searched, and searched some more for the monologues that I would present. Some of my favourite days of my 18th year were spent in that studio, in the car to and from lessons with mum, and voice lessons with my fabulous voice teacher. =)
A major part of my year, and more importantly my senior year, were college auditions. As someone going into musical-theatre, just about every college I looked at required an audition. From the seven colleges I had started looking at, I auditioned for three of them
My first audition was for a state school about three hours from home. I was told I had an audition for there, roughly four days beforehand. Luckily, it was a week before the big one I had been working toward. I did alright in the audition, it was basically a dress rehearsal for the next week. I was offered a scholarship, and the head of department talked to my family and I for about an hour after the audition, and who I was, and what she thought of me. She was very kind, but said most certainly that she thinks I would shine better as a stage manager rather than a performer. I still liked the college, but that was a draw-back. Plus there was mold in the music building...yikes. 7/10
I posted this on instagram while crying on the way home after that audition. It's hard to always be quiet when all you want is to be heard.

2. Belhaven University.
Belhaven's audition was the most intense in lineup of what they expected. I needed two monologues, two 30 second songs, a one minute dance, resume, headshots, and 'career statement' O.O
But I got it all done. We had ordered a special outfit for me to wear to the audition, but it didn't come in in time, so I was left to wear what I wore to NSULA, it might have gained 'audition dress' by now. 
I auditioned at BU, on what they call their 'Discover Arts Day' their were five of us in the theatre group. Three of us auditioned. The other two girls were super sweet, and I really hope that they did well, but I didn't get their contact info to know. My audition went okay, there were some unseen difficulties, like running into the stage in my dance(and not breathing during said dance)--not being able to hear myself during my monologues, forgetting to take off my lanyard before dancing, and the music either being too loud or too quiet for my songs. But it was fine. I was offered a scholarship, and accepted into the theatre major, and told to try again for musical-theatre, which broke my heart a little bit. 9/10

The first two auditions were in November, while the third one was in January. Which was bad for two reasons: 1, after the adrenaline of Nov-on top of the holidays-I got sick, and was still badly coughing when January 12th rolled around. 2, I was out of practise with my pieces, we had taken a break with lessons over the holidays, so I had about two lessons with my acting teacher before the audition. 
AMDA was the college that I really wanted to get into. It's the college that my acting and dance teacher attended, it was intense, it was in NYC, and everyone thought I was a little silly for trying. The audition asked for a personal essay, (I wrote one, and it made nearly everyone who I had proof-read it cry), a 2 minute long monologue, and a 2 minute cut of an up-tempo song. What they didn't ask for, was anything related to dance, and they surprised me by asking me to do a chaine step, once my audition was through. I hadn't dance in two months, I couldn't remember that term at all. It had to be a turn of some sort, but that's all I knew. It was embarrassing, on top of that, I was in two inch wedges, so even the pirouette I tried to save myself with, was clumsy.
There were 12 of us in total at that audition, 2 for dance, 3 actors, and seven for musical theatre. They were all such great kids, I think altogether we fulfilled every theatre stereotype ever thought of. It was so awesome being surrounded by others who wanted the same thing as I, give or take some. As far as the actual audition went, it was great! My song did well, I only messed up a little bit at the end because my jaw was week from coughing so much, but my monologue was the strongest it has ever been. It was powerful even to shake the doors at either end of the hall. 9/10

In November, the new Fantastic Beasts movie was released, we went to see it in the theatre, as tradition has started.
December brought a brightness to the world, as I began to beg for snow. 
The sunsets of winter are almost always so magical.
December also brought end of semester for violin lessons, which offered me the chance to see my friend from Chamber Music Week that July, again. We had a wonderful talk about all sorts of things. She's a darling.
I think I've grasped what family can mean the past year. It's something that I treasure and respect a little more than I used to.
We spent our first Christmas in the new house, which called for getting a new taller tree for our 11 ft ceilings.
Kit and I both got plaid dresses to wear on Christmas day.
More kitty snuggles. ;)
 Also the stationery addiction stuck around. These adorable prints are from Mochithings
My sister Jess, made me a Felicity Merriman inspired ballgown for Christmas.
In January, I won this pin from my all-time favourite Youtuber Jamie-Jo. Isn't it pretty?
I got glasses for when my eyes get tired of trying to focus. They're called Jannette 
Continued to learn the importance of finding the light in the dark of any moment.
Also, exciting news!
In February I decided to make my book it's own instagram, I posted every day in February on it, introducing the characters, and stuff like that. I'm hoping to do another posting spree soon.
Mum helped me take some Spring pictures at our neighbor's house, she has an ancient, gorgeous Japanese Magnolia tree.
I got accepted into Belhaven University, and began the journey of trying to figure out if that's what was best. I still hadn't heard back from AMDA yet, and was beginning to question whether college was the best option at all.
Celtic Woman released their new album and DVD. It is wonderful. Go immerse yourself in it!
Roughly, March/May, we started planning my sister's wedding. This graph is a little too close to be funny. XD
Saint Patrick's Day Feast!
And then in late March, it was time to take my Senior Pictures. They turned out beautiful. The photographer works wonders. They were all taken in different rooms and on the grounds of Mannerbee. It was a very special way of doing it.
This is one of my favourites.
For Mum's birthday I made her, (surprise!) cupcakes. But I had trouble cutting the tips to a good size, so they actually ended up being more like flowers than I was expecting. Haha.
One of my other senior pics. :)
 Sometime in April/May, I started putting together my new AG dollhouse--it's going very slowly.
Marta joined the family the week of Easter. She was a rescue from a local antique shop.
Easter Sunday family pic.
 We got four baby chicks. =)
Cap (Capitola if a girl, Captain America if a boy), Pecky Carter, Jenny-Wren, and Arwen-Eliza or Peter-Sirius if a boy.
My baby kitties. They love this blanket it so so much. We keep saying we're going to be ready if The Doctor ever shows up. ;P
In May, the studio started getting ready in earnest for the big Spring show, 'Return of The Crown' this included taking show-program pictures. Lots of fun.
I continued to argue with myself on whether I was meant to go to college. This went on, and still happens honestly. In April I heard back from AMDA after emailing them. I was told to try again next year. Ironically, T-Swift's Welcome to New York was just turning off as I read the email on the way home from voice lessons. This left Belhaven as really the main choice. To go or not to go. Even that wasn't an easy choice.
 First week of June brought show craziness, and less time to worry about college. ^Dress rehearsal for Return of The Crown.
 Here's my with my hobbits on show night. <3 I miss these kids so much!
After-show-glow. ;P
 Return of the Crown was so much fun to work on, and see it come together. There were so many elements, and it created a masterpiece. I love the kids I was able to work with, and the quirky story we were tasked with telling.
Early Summer, our chickens let us know that two of them were in fact Roosters. One morning they were having crowing lessons together, and that's when I decided it wasn't just my family trying to mess with me. This is little Cap. He's a gorgeous bird.
I fell hard in love with this Sara Bareilles album. It's soooo good.
Annie enjoyed my roses from the show as well. =)

 -Senior Recital, June 21st & 22nd-
This beautiful sunset took place the night we were setting up the church, it was so stunning. It felt like God was blessing us and giving us the strength and inspiration to fulfill our tasks for that night, and the next day.
 The cupcakes I made for my recital were supposed to be funfetti, but it was our first time trying, and they didn't turn out the greatest. They were wayyyy sweet, and honestly looked more like something from the harry potter world, than anything else. Haha, you just never know!
 My recital was so much fun, and from all the feedback I've been given, I blew everyone away. I've never really been able or allowed to put on a truly solo concert with anything other than singing over the original artists for extended family members. So to show them the actual voice in me, and give them a taste of why I want to be a performer was a real joy. I've been slowly posting videos from the recital on my YouTube channel if you'd like to have a listen. :)
We're missing Catie in this one, but Jess and Cate joined me on stage for two songs, and Bren filmed it all for me like a champ.
The week after my recital, I said goodbye to my two-year voice teacher, Ms Rachel.
 She's been a dream to work with, and has taught me so much in our training. Not only about singing, but auditioning and life as well. A true kindred spirit.
Summer came with its own list of projects, and aspirations. Mastering Crayon art was up at the top, after my experimenting last summer.
This is one of my favourites that I did. It's hanging in my dorm right now. :)
Peter--oh boy, how do I even tell this story. Peter was always a quirky little guy, he was one of the easiest to pick up when he was tiny, because he was the smallest and liked being warm. He was also the easiest to catch as they began to grow for that same reason, so he generally got the most pets. He's kind of obsessed with me now? 
The four beauties.
 -Senior Trip-
Mid-July, Grace, Mum and I headed off on an adventure as my senior trip. There will hopefully be posts up for this sooner than later, but don't hold your breath. ;)
CHICAGO! It wasn't quite where I had wanted to go for the trip, but as the summer was running short, and it was something that seemed the most doable, we did it.
Of course we went to AG, Grace even got her ears pierced at long last.
And then...we went to see Hamilton. Which was our main reason for going. It was more than awesome. Words can't even.
I got to meet Miguel, who currently plays Alexander in the Chicago cast. He's amazing.
The next day, I met some Friends outside the LEGO store. Sorry, I had to.
And Miss Blaire Aubin-Elisabeth joined the doll fam.
The excitement for Taytay's new album has been building and simmering for monthssss, I can't wait to sit down and hear the whole thing on Friday.
Updated dollies. Aren't they a pretty group? I've added more darlings this year than any other year in my nearly 12 years of collecting! 
Peter being Peter, and Wren--she's always trying to do whatever he does. It's really funny.
My Niece-Tilly-Pup has gotten all big, but still loves me the best. There's a new joke that she likes me because I'm tall and skinny, just like a stick. So I'm Tilly's stick. She's a delight.
There are three rainbows in this picture. I found that very impressive. This was taken August 2nd.
We said a sweet goodbye to Mannerbee, she's moved onto a new loving family. I pray they treat and appreciate her majesty well.
Early August, there was an accident and Pecky didn't make it through the incident. We're down to three chickens, but they've grown more friendly since her passing. 
 Monday before college started, I had my last lesson in the studio with Ms Meg for awhile. it's been 8 days and I still can't think about it without crying. Her lessons and time spent with me meant so incredibly much to me, more than I understood until afterwards. She's a gem.
Pretty Birds.
 August 15th, I moved into my dorm. The day after was theatre orientation and auditions. After they were done though, we hurried home for my birthday.
When I say that Peter is obsessed with me, this is what I mean. He flies to different windows on the house until he finds which rooms I'm closest to, and then crows until I see him, go outside--for him to fly down and run up to me to be picked up and hugged. I don't know, it's weird, he's a lovely little gentleman though! He's even trying to help Cap get his crow isn't going well though. XD 
 For my birthday dinner, we went out for sushi with my siblings, blood and not-so-much. XD
And this is where this post ends. I'm 19 and Annie is a strong 12. 
Thank you to everyone who has stuck around with this blog, especially if you made it all the way through this post. I'm sorry it was so crazy long. I really tried to keep it down.
Until next time!
~Lainey-Lu D.