Saturday, 7 October 2017

Marching Majorette (OG Opening & Review) (Caroline-Rose, 09-11-17)

Heyo peeps! It has been a crazy past several weeks...I had my first experience in a big orchestra on Saturday the 23rd, woke up on Sunday with a fever, which didn't go away for several days. Which meant I got behind on homework and watching my classes. The past two weeks have been mentally trying. But there is hope for a calmer time soon. My sister moves to her apartment for college sometime this week at long last, and we're planning to go on a short holiday for my brother's golden birthday next weekend. So you've heard my hopes and excuses, now, for the review.
Confession, I chose this outfit because it reminded me of Taytay's 'You Belong with Me' or even just from her RED tour. That's why Rose will be modelling it--because she's my most look-a-like Taylor. =)
 This outfit was also on clearance for 8.48$
The overview picture.
The boots are red plastic with fake buckles.
The baton--did I spell that correctly? It's plastic, yellow and white...
With little flower designs on both ends.
The black belt is faux leather with velcro at the back for easy put on.
Little plastic buckle.
The dress is a stiff white fabric with red and gold embellishments. the red parts are like a faux velvet, and the gold is sparkly trimming.
You can see the textures a little better in this picture.
Velcro in the back.
The cap is the same material as the dress, with an eagle on the front of it.
The neck band is just black elastic.
Overall, this set gets 4/5 stars. The dress was a little hard to get on, the cap was difficult to situate, and she had trouble holding the baton; but other than those few things, I really like this outfit. And it was fun to take pictures of.
How have you been?
Favourite picture?
You Belong With Me or RED? =)
~Lu & Caroline-Rose

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Marie Teaches Ada Chess (08-19-17)

Hullo everyone! How are you doing this week? I've been alright, and today I have a photo shoot of not one, not two, but three dollies! XD I tried my hand at indoor photography again; and I must say I was disappointed with how they turned out, but I might as well show them. It's important to see how much we grow through our photography, isn't it?
If I'm honest, this photo-shoot was inspired by one of my friend's novels. :)
I am ashamed to say that I had to look up how to set up the board, because it's been so long since I played.
Ada had always wanted to learn how to play chess. Marie got the game for her birthday several years ago, and she was very glad to teach her.
Luckily Ada is a quick learner, and soon Marie was beat in the game.
Well, that's all. If you're interested in finding the chess set, it came from Target in the gift section a few years ago. I hope you're all well. 
Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, 9 September 2017

London Girls and Kit in Pink (08-17-17)

I've been feeling a little down today, so I thought I'd try to cheer myself up with a blog post while multi tasking on getting homework done. So today's post is a variety of pictures that were taken on my birthday last month.
For my birthday, my dear friend in England made me a dress, which arrived a few days before so we would have time to put the trims and fastenings on it before my birthday. Unfortunately, we got the wrong trimming the first time. Luckily, Mum had bought me some fabric a while ago to make me a skirt out of, so somehow she managed to whip up a skirt in like three hours. (There will be another post featuring the dress, don't worry.)
Isn't it adorable fabric? It's all three of us girls on a London setting. It would only be better is there was a black kitty cat. :)
The fabric came from HobbyLobby, and is from the brand BrotherSister.
On the way home from dropping my sister off at uni, Mr Egret posed on the side of the road for me to take his picture. He was very funny. =)
August 17th, is also, of course, Black Cat Appreciation Day, so Kit made sure Licorice got enough attention.
Can you believe that this was Kit's ninth birthday spent with me?

And a sneak peek for a new series of posts--My big birthday present this year!
There will be four posts at some point--reviewing these sets ^
Thanks for stopping by. Would you be interested if I began making similar posts to these, with pictures of me--sometimes with dolls, sometimes not? It's just an idea. =)
Here's to a brighter tomorrow. Also, if you're in the path of hurricane Irma, know that I'm praying for you, and I hope you're alright through the thick of it.
~Lu & Kit