Saturday, 17 March 2018

Saint Paddy's Day Room (AG Dollhouse 2018)

Happy happy happy Saint Paddy's Day! If you don't know already, I am partially irish, and I am Very proud of that heritage. A few years ago it sort of clicked, and since then, Saint Paddy's Day has been a more impressive day in my eyes. This year I wasn't planning on taking special pictures for today my dollhouse has been a mess and my schedule hasn't been much better! But it the midst of waiting for a friend to call me a few weeks ago, I switched out the valentine's day decorations, (Which were still out in my dollhouse), and put up the green, so now you get pictures! 
I realise he's a gnome and not a leprechaun, but he's what I had.
Besties. =)
Look how blue Marie's eyes look!
This is seriously one of my favourite AG outfits ever. It's beautiful on any of the dolls, but I find I like it best on Ruthie.
There you have it! Another post from me. Today I will hopefully be posting a video on my youtube as well, I'll link it here if I do. What were you doing for today? Are you Irish?
~Lu & Ruthie-Lila, Grace-Ellen, Kit, and Marie-Grace

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Ada's Spring Walk in Pink (AGPS 03-12-18)

Hullo dear friends, happy humpday! I hope you're all doing well on this bright spring day. I know some places still have snow, which is pretty crazy, since summer is pushing through as fast as it can here. Today's photo-shoot is of Miss Ada again. Enjoy!
(doesn't she look fantastic in this dress?!)
Shimmery walks in well-worn boots.
Sorry, you know how I am about the sky...
Alrighty, thank you for stopping by! I greatly enjoy your company, and Ada does too. We'd love to hear something about your day down below, along with which picture was you favourite.
Much love from us!
~Lu & Ada-Freya-Pearl

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Ania Visits with Spring (AGPS 03-07-18)

Hullo loves, today we begin with an apology. There was no post last week--at all. I'm sorry, but we're going to leave it at that. Last Wednesday didn't register as Wednesday in my head until the next day, at which point I was too tired to muster a post, though I will have you know that I did try. Life is crazy right now as a lot of new things have begun, and a lot of massive projects are taking place, my family has been doing well to make it one week from the next without being completely exhausted. But you're not here for a speech, you're here for pictures. Enjoy these pictures I took today, yep! They're fresh off the camera! <3
 Ania has been waiting by the door for almost a month waiting for the right weather to take pictures in. Today proved to be good enough!
 Lady-Banks Roses.
 These are white ones of the same flower. :)
 I spy with my little eye, a bumble bee enjoying a feast!
Who is ready for spring break? I am! Which of these pictures is your favourite? Is it spring or winter still where you live?
Thanks for sticking with me!
~Lu & Kanani-Ania