Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Saige's Snow-Day! (AGPS 01-17-18)

Hey friends! Second post today, what is this?! Like I said in the last post, it was snowing some last night. Saige was the lucky girl to get to go out in the 20s weather. Very cold for my state! Enjoy these few pictures. <3
After I took the picture above, Saige decided to fall, so of course, as you do, I took another picture. ;P #agigmemes
 After she did that, I realised she might just be trying to get snow in her hair like Caroline and Marie last snow day. Unfortunately it's not quite as snowy as it was then.
 Green grass means spring is on its way.
These are the new Raining Hearts boots from OG that I got for Christmas. My Mum had to cut a slit all the way down the back for me to get them on the doll, but they're super cute on her, so I think it was worth it. :)
Later in the day, we headed to the backyard where the hill was still very snowy, we brought along the sleigh for these pictures, though Penny was spared the cold experience. 
 I love the colours of the trees in this picture!
 Pretty blue eyes. <3
 I confess I had possibly too much fun sliding the sleigh down the snow covered hill. it was incredible! XD
Dollie footprints.

Well that's farewell for the second time today! I hope you don't mind too much. Do you have snow where you live?
~Lu & Saige

I can be a Reporter! (Reporter dress and Winter Coat) (Part 6. of All of Kit)

Hullo friends! It is snowing as I type this--so that's delightful. Today we're continuing our series of Kit's collection, we're already to part six! I'm quite proud of myself for keeping this up for so long! Hah. Anywho, today, as you probably guessed from the title--is about Kit's reporter dress. Not the polka-dot one, that'll come later, this is for her flower one.
I bought this dress along with her reporter accessories before AG revamped for Beforever. The newspapers actually come out of the stack, each one, as far as I have seen are individually printed. Which is fun
I <3 this picture.
That's it for today. thank you for continuing to support this little blog. You guys are the best!
~Lu& Caroline-Rose

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Saige's Adventure on A California Seaside (Part 5. of All of Kit) (June 2016)

Hullo friends! For today's Kit themed photo-shoot we're throwing it back almost two years (whattt) to when my family got to visit some friends in CA. During the holiday, we stayed a few nights in a beach town, proving to be an excellent time for Kit's original pyjamas, which are sailor themed. Enjoy!
Mini Millie was Saige's companion on the adventure.
We also noticed that in the bedroom where we were staying--there was a stack of PLEASANT COMPANY books. *Cough* I was a little excited about them, so of course we took a picture with them.
Doesn't this look like an old picture? =)
I love love love this picture.
There was a big rock-- 
 There's a picture of my sisters and me on it to give you an idea of the size.
That's all for today's post. Which was your favourite picture? Do you prefer stone or sand beaches?
~Lu & Saige

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Grace-Ellen in Wilderness & And Kit Walks Grace (Part 4. of All of Kit)(08-15-17)

Hello friends! It's Wednesday again! Today's photo-shoot is from all the way back in August. Miss Grace donned Kit's Birthday-dress and went out into the wilderness of our yard.
*I did another photo-shoot with Kit in this dress-and I just had to share them both*
I love this picture.
Sorry for the lack of commentary on this post--I guess I'm not feeling particularly chatty. :)
I hope you're enjoying your humpday. I'll see you next week for a new post!
~Lu, Kit, & Grace