Saturday, 9 September 2017

London Girls and Kit in Pink (08-17-17)

I've been feeling a little down today, so I thought I'd try to cheer myself up with a blog post while multi tasking on getting homework done. So today's post is a variety of pictures that were taken on my birthday last month.
For my birthday, my dear friend in England made me a dress, which arrived a few days before so we would have time to put the trims and fastenings on it before my birthday. Unfortunately, we got the wrong trimming the first time. Luckily, Mum had bought me some fabric a while ago to make me a skirt out of, so somehow she managed to whip up a skirt in like three hours. (There will be another post featuring the dress, don't worry.)
Isn't it adorable fabric? It's all three of us girls on a London setting. It would only be better is there was a black kitty cat. :)
The fabric came from HobbyLobby, and is from the brand BrotherSister.
On the way home from dropping my sister off at uni, Mr Egret posed on the side of the road for me to take his picture. He was very funny. =)
August 17th, is also, of course, Black Cat Appreciation Day, so Kit made sure Licorice got enough attention.
Can you believe that this was Kit's ninth birthday spent with me?

And a sneak peek for a new series of posts--My big birthday present this year!
There will be four posts at some point--reviewing these sets ^
Thanks for stopping by. Would you be interested if I began making similar posts to these, with pictures of me--sometimes with dolls, sometimes not? It's just an idea. =)
Here's to a brighter tomorrow. Also, if you're in the path of hurricane Irma, know that I'm praying for you, and I hope you're alright through the thick of it.
~Lu & Kit

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

G for Grace! (OG Winning Cheer Opening + Review, AGPS) 09-04-17

Heya! It's been awhile since I did one of these reviews. I figured we might as well mix up the blog posts again. :) For my birthday, I received two Our Generation outfits from my Mawmaw, they were both on clearance at Target. Today I'm going to be showing you one of them. I've had my eye on this one since it came out, it has a G on it...probably for Generation? But my Grace doll looks great in red, and though she's not a cheerleader, I was sure Kit would be willing to give her a few pointers.
It's a Deluxe outfit, meaning it's original price was 16.99$
The back of box.
The set includes: One pair of shoes, one pair of white socks with pink pompoms, 1 white and 1 red pompom, one red skirt, and one jersey.
Aren't they adorable? They're fully plastic, but that doesn't bother me.
The bottoms are just tan with faux ridges.
The pompoms are made of the same streamer material that the ones I used to buy at dollar tree for myself when I was a small child. They're very fluffy and well puffed.
They have matching pony-tail style elastics for the doll to be able to hold them.
Let me see how to describe this skirt. It is a heavy material, almost like molly's skater skirt...but heavier.
It's lined with this netting material like I assume the real one would be. It's amazing quality.
It has elastic at the waist, but no velcro or zipper.
The socks are white short socks, the only strange thing is the pink pompoms at the ankle. Why pink? They're seriously the only pink piece in the set. 
I am so happy with the sweater. The quality of this item is astounding. The outside of it is a rough, sturdy jumper texture, but the inside is soft and feels like a flannel of sorts. Certainly not what I was expecting.
It has velcro in the back. Super cute.
The 'G' is just a sewn on patch in red in the center of the jumper's front.

So, for the photo-shoot, I was hoping for a vintage feel, and though they didn't turn out quite right--I think these came out fine. Again, I forgot to take in consideration the weather. September, it's supposed to be cooling down--right? yeah, I was wrong. Dad has informed me that it will cool down a little next week. I was melting while taking these pictures on the driveway. But they're cute! So there's my story to go with this photo-shoot.
One of my favourites. =)
*Me putting the pompoms in the small container*: What do you mean they both won't fit?! XD
Today marks my second day of my Junior year of HS. So far things are going pretty smoothly, there's already homework backed up, and I'm already pretty stressed and wishing it was time for another break--but ya know, transitions! How are you liking the new school year?
I will be back soon!
~Lu & Grace-Ellen

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Ada's 1 year Ann, and a New Mini (08-31-17)

Hullo everyone! So last night was my birthday party, and I'm very glad to say that it went wonderfully, and I'll have a post up for that soon, but in the meantime, the 31st was a very special day. I would have posted this then, but I think there was another time sensitive post that day? Things have been a little hectic with timing recently! But it's here now, so, without further ado, here we go.
1 year ago on the 31st, a very special package was delivered to my house, containing a very dear friend, who I think we have all grown to love--
Miss Ada-Freya-Pearl. =) She has proven to be just as much a sweetie as I thought she would be when I saw her listing on eBay, I think it's fair to say that she is a pearl, and thus the name fits. :)
In celebration for her one year with us, I found her a little something for Kit to present to her...but first, a few pictures.
"Hey Ada, do you have a moment?"
"Mhm, what do you need, Kit?"
"Well--I know we're getting ready for Lu's party...but we, er, have a surprise for you."
"Oh, really?" 
 "Yes, it's in this bag." Kit said, setting down the colourful bag in front of her sister.
"Oh my goodness." Ada said, gasping softly as she pulled the pink box out. 
 "She's beautiful."
~A Little Review~
 For my birthday this year, since we had to bring my sister to college, my mum took me to get coffee at the bookstore, where she offered to buy me a mini doll, if I wanted one. It took me awhile to decide, but I eventually landed on Addy. My Addy doll still didn't have her own, and I thought it was about time. So everything was set, she was going to buy me the last Addy mini doll on the shelf. The real surprise came when the cashier rang her up...for $8.55. If you aren't accustomed to the pricing of mini dolls, they're normally 24.95, and they never go on sale in store. So, we asked the cashier if it was right, and she said it must be. So I ran back and grabbed a Mary-Ellen one, she wrung up at the normal price. Apparently because Addy is now retired from AG, her mini was on clearance, but there was no sticker to say that. It was a wonderful birthday that I think of it, I should have checked the Lea one to see if she was also 8$. XD  So there's the story of why this mini Addy is special to me. Haha.
 I think Ada likes her mini-me. =)
That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the story, I'm glad Addy is apart of my dollie family, and I think she's happy to have a doll so she can join the other girls with playing instead of having to borrow one of Kit's minis. 
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu, Kit, & Ada