Monday, 12 November 2018

Caroline-Ro's Birthday Adventure (AGPS 10-28-18)

Hi gang! How is everyone? Today's photo-shoot is Caroline-Rose's birthday shoot for this year. Very similar to one I did for her a few years ago, but different scenery--because we've moved! XD
It isn't a photo-shoot of Caroline without a picture with a rose. ;)
And there's the rose.
Purple flowers make for a lovely backdrop, don't you think?
The sun was a little harsher than I like to work with, what do you think?
Sleeping beauty.
This is one of my favourites from this shoot. =)
Alrighty, thank you for stopping by! Expect another post mid-week in celebration of something! Any guesses what?
How's the weather where you live?
Which one was your favourite?
~Lu & Caroline-Rose

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Halloween, 2018!

Hullo friends! Extra post this week, because it's HALLOWEEN! A fun time to dress up and eat candy at home--because food-allergies and too old to go trick-or-treating apparently. XD
Back during the summer, I bought a cute halloween dress on clearance and have been waiting not so patiently to be able to wear it. I wanted to share it with all of you! Enjoy these few pictures!
Though today can be fun, some people might have urges to mistreat our black-kitty-cat friends. Be sure your furry friends are safe! 
~Doll pictures~
Roo-or Ariel--Willa couldn't decide! Piglet, and Eeyore!
Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you have a very fun Halloween. We're not doing much this year, but like I said, we've got candy and we'll probably watch some Once Upon a Time, so I'm happy! Remember that you can follow my dollies on instagram ( @ifthedolliescouldvlog ) And our Youtube can be found through out G+ page.
What are your plans for the night?
Much love!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Lissie & Mini (AGPS 01-02-18)

Hullo friends! So there wasn't a post last week--simply because I didn't have a back-up photo-shoot of Caroline-Rose, and it was her birthday. But I'm just going to let that slip, I will post her birthday photo-shoot in a few days, probably Wednesday, as a little extra. =) Anyway! These pictures are from January, and I had forgotten about them, but they're really pretty! Enjoy!
I got Lissie her mini for Christmas, if I remember correctly, so this was a fun photo-shoot for her. =)
I love this one!
Sorry for the short post, but better something than nothing!
I hope you had a wonderful Monday, I'd love to hear something about it in the comments!
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu & Lissie-Mae

Monday, 15 October 2018

Thanksgiving with Kit, 2017

Hiya friends! Today's post is from last Thanksgiving. Miss Kit came with me to my Grandparents' house in the country. Enjoy the pictures!
My family has a tradition that we put up my Grandmother's Christmas tree, Thanksgiving night to kick-off the Christmas season. =)
Kit's outfit consists of:
AG Molly's Skating Skirt
Black belt from OG Marching Majorette
Black Shoes from AG Recital Skirt Set
Shirt from OG Garden set--I don't know the actual name!
Little butterfly. =)
Mr Louis Bird
Thanks for stopping by!
Are you getting excited for the holiday season?
Does your family have any special holiday traditions that you love?
~Lu & Kit