Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Ruthie in Blue (Part 2. of All of Kit) (09-15-17)

Hullo everyone! Today's photo-shoot continues the Kit Series. We move onto Kit's School Outfit (The original one). This is actually the first photo-shoot I took with this idea in mind. if you couldn't tell, I'm trying to post book order first.
This is the outfit that Kit can be found wearing on Kit learns a Lesson(s) cover. Ruthie was very eager to help.
I loveeeeee this picture!
I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below which picture was your favourite, and what book is your favourite book to pick up to reread.
Talk to you soon!
~Lu & Ruthie-Lila

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Classic Kit (Part 1. of All of Kit) 10-04-17

Hullo hullo hullo! Today begins a series of posts that I've had planned since September, but all the pictures are taken now, so it should be pretty smooth sailing. As of right now there are eleven in the series, and unless I get a new outfit from Kit's collection (hint hint), it should stay like that!
I thought it was only fitting for us to begin with Kit's original Meet Outfit. Interesting fact: My Kit doll didn't actually come with her meet outfit since I got her off Ebay, my sister bought it for my birthday the year after she was in my collection! So unfortunately it isn't the matching meet for the doll, but it's good enough. :) The shoes she's wearing are a replaced set from AG, her original ones, (both sets that I have) are busted so badly I don't trust them on doll feet anymore, they're set aside in a special box.
I really like this picture because it reminds me of her book cover.
I took this picture to compare to an old one from 2010--
This one was taken with a Nokia flip-phone^
And we'll end it with a selfie, because I love my Kit so much. Plus she makes me feel cute. =) 
What do you think of this series idea? Which outfit do you think will be next?
~Lu & Kit

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

I need to confess something...

Hi--I haven't posted on here in maybe two months. That is possibly the longest break I've ever taken from blogging. I skipped Halloween, my blogiversary, Kit and My Friendiversary, Thanksgiving, and other things.
I don't know how to apologise, and I'm not doing this for you,dear reader, you're getting tired of my excuses; I'm doing this for me.
Blogging is something I've been doing for five years, it's a way to share words, passions, pictures, and opinions with people who care enough to follow and read the things you write.
I love that. I love what I have here on this blog. I don't want to leave this behind. I'm not saying I'm going to, I'm just scared that if my habit with this keeps up, it's going to slip on the slide and I won't be able to grab it in time.
So this is what I'm going to do. I am going to make myself post once a week. It'll go on my calendar, and if it doesn't get done on that day, you're going to get two posts. This will be my way of keeping myself accounted for.
I have been letting myself slip up this year because my mental health has been really rough. And though rest is a wonderful thing, deciding you're going to break when people expect things from you just gets you behind in life. I don't want that.
Maybe by doing this, I can get my priorities in some sort of line. If I don't have pictures to take, it will challenge me to go out and get some. I'm not going to give you guys up without a fight. Junior year just caught me off guard and pulled me under a riptide of fear, panic, homework, and dread. It's my job to get myself up.
So instead of sitting at the computer pulling my hair out over uni fears, writing songs about depression, wondering why my maths hw and speeches aren't getting done; I'm going to try to get things back to an ordinary schedule.
I'm sorry for an update post with no pictures, if I begin looking for pictures, this might not get posted. In a few days there will be a post up--I don't know what it'll be yet, but it will be done. Please if you would pray for me, friends, I'm not doing my best this year, and I know that--I keep fighting with myself over just that. I need to get my act together, but some days everything hurts and looks overwhelming and I just can't try. I need strength, a clear mind, grace, and time. I'm sorry if this has stressed you out, I just felt like I needed to be honest with you all.
<3 You're all amazing, never stop fighting friends.
~Lainey-Lu D.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Marching Majorette (OG Opening & Review) (Caroline-Rose, 09-11-17)

Heyo peeps! It has been a crazy past several weeks...I had my first experience in a big orchestra on Saturday the 23rd, woke up on Sunday with a fever, which didn't go away for several days. Which meant I got behind on homework and watching my classes. The past two weeks have been mentally trying. But there is hope for a calmer time soon. My sister moves to her apartment for college sometime this week at long last, and we're planning to go on a short holiday for my brother's golden birthday next weekend. So you've heard my hopes and excuses, now, for the review.
Confession, I chose this outfit because it reminded me of Taytay's 'You Belong with Me' or even just from her RED tour. That's why Rose will be modelling it--because she's my most look-a-like Taylor. =)
 This outfit was also on clearance for 8.48$
The overview picture.
The boots are red plastic with fake buckles.
The baton--did I spell that correctly? It's plastic, yellow and white...
With little flower designs on both ends.
The black belt is faux leather with velcro at the back for easy put on.
Little plastic buckle.
The dress is a stiff white fabric with red and gold embellishments. the red parts are like a faux velvet, and the gold is sparkly trimming.
You can see the textures a little better in this picture.
Velcro in the back.
The cap is the same material as the dress, with an eagle on the front of it.
The neck band is just black elastic.
Overall, this set gets 4/5 stars. The dress was a little hard to get on, the cap was difficult to situate, and she had trouble holding the baton; but other than those few things, I really like this outfit. And it was fun to take pictures of.
How have you been?
Favourite picture?
You Belong With Me or RED? =)
~Lu & Caroline-Rose