Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Spring Springing with Caroline-Rose & Marie-Grace (02-22-17)

Hey everyone! A very special post is coming up in a few days, but before that--I have this really sweet, short photo-shoot that I took just before we left for vacation. So please enjoy these pictures of Marie and Caroline. =)
"Flowers for you, my friend."
Alright, what was your favourite picture? What do you think will be announced in the upcoming exciting post?
~Lu & Marie-Grace & Caroline-Rose

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Josefina's Birthday- (AGPS 03-19-17)

A small post today to say that I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and a good, but short week ahead, also, It's Josie's birthday--so here are a few pictures I just took of her a few minutes ago. XD Enjoy!
 Lils wanted to help me. XD
Alright, that's all there is. I hope you enjoyed this really quick post, if you have Josie, did you do anything for her today? What's the weather like for you? It feels like summer again here. Happy Birthday Josie, girl. We love you. <3
~Lu & Josefina

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Lissie's Birthday Dress '06 Review+Photo-Shoot

Hullo everyone! Before the magic of Saint Paddy's Day tomorrow, (which I still have not taken pictures for--), I thought we'd get through another review of an outfit I took pictures of weeks ago. This is another one of the Christmas outfits, Lissie's Birthday Dress.
My Mum bought this outfit off of Craigslist, it came in this box.
Here is everything. It came with the socks, apron, dress, and a sheet of grin pins for good measure.
The socks are a fresh minty green with little daisies? on them in embroidered white/yellow and green thread.
I already have a few sheets of these, so I'll add these to that collection. Aren't they cute?
Here's the apron. The seller didn't include the original pins that would have held this on, but my Mum had some that worked perfectly fine.
The dress is of course my favourite part, it was the one from Lissie's collection that I always secretly wanted when I was little, it is pink after all. :)
It has little cuffs that match the apron's background, and little roses at the tips.
This particular edition is from 2006, if the tag isn't lying. :)
Here's the neckline.
Socks on Lissie. They're tall like stockings or knee highs.
It has holes for the pocket like most of Lissie's dresses do. I still need to get one of those for my girl.
Here's the dress on her. Lissie is very glad to add this to her collection.
Velcro in the back.
Before we found the pins, the apron was stiff enough to stay where it was supposed to be if I was careful, just so you know.
It ties in the back.
~Photo-Shoot (03-05-17)~
Penny was very glad to join Lissie for a ride in her new outfit.
Here you can see the pins.
Wild strawberries!
Well that's all, sorry there wasn't much, just lots of pictures. :)
Which one was your favourite? Did you get this outfit when it was being sold/before or after it retired?
Thanks for stopping in!
~Lu &  Lissie-Mae