Sunday, 23 April 2017

Pretty Shimmery With Kit (OG Set Review+Photoshoot) (03-15-17)

This is one of the last sets that I have to review from Christmas, it's Our Generation's Pretty Shimmery outfit. I wanted this set because it's Hufflepuff material. =) Let's begin!
This set came in one of the boxes, I think it's strange that some of OG sets are in boxes, and others are still in the open faced ones. Doesn't make sense to me.
(1) 'vest' it's actually a cardigan, I don't know what the box is thinking. =) (1) White tank top with gold sparkles, (1) very pink straw purse, (2) different shades of pink hair clips, (1)  pair of yellow Belle like heels, and, (1) Purple doll hanger.
Here's everything out of the box.
Here are the heels, they are a hard plastic, Belle yellow with gold sparkle dust.
They aren't much of heels, but I think it's an adorable touch.
One side is open, which is very  in fashion lately.
Here's the pink bag. This has to be my least favourite item in the set, it's cute, but not useable. The handles are too small for a doll's hand to fit in them, and they're too think to fit within their fingers. Hm. It's cute though!
Then you get the usual OG hanger, this is a very pretty colour.
Only complaint about the clips is that they're hard to close, and don't hold a lot of the doll's hair. Cute touch though.
Here's the skirt, I'm going to say that it's black, but don't quote me on that, because I don't have it in front of me at this moment. It has vines and a floral pattern all over it.
Here's the cardigan. It's my favourite item in the set. It's a yellow/gold colour with little wooden/plastic working buttons up the front.
The tank top is a thin fabric, fairly see through. it has white sequin type things all over. Not much to say about it.
And that's it! This set get 4 3/4 stars. Really cute, but a few of the pieces could have been much better made. I hope you enjoyed the view and review of this set. Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu & Kit

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Grace in Mississippi, April, 1st, 2016

Hullo ducklings! I don't often pull old posts out to finish and post (unless I'm on holiday...)...but I've been low on inspiration for posts lately, and since this post was taken last year during this month I thought it would be fitting to just go ahead and get it out of my draft box. I hope you enjoy!
This is one of my favourites.
Ah! Shadow. =)
Ginger the puppy.
Grace wants to wish everyone with an April birthday, a very happy birthday, and a wonderful year ahead of them. I actually have a lot of dolls with April birthdays this year, it's a little strange. Thank you for putting up with an old post, with no plot or anything, I promise to have new pictures soon! Would any of you be interested in seeing the Easter pictures I took, or should I just  skip to something else?
Take care of yourself!
~Lu& Grace-Ellen