Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Kit's Birthday Party (05-19-17)

Hullo peeps! Why wasn't this post up on Kit's birthday? Well, I'll tell you why; I spent most of the 19th, helping my Mum grocery shop and decorate a church building for my sister's graduation the next day, but more on that later. Enjoy these pictures!
~Party Time!~
 I was going for a very Pinterest-y feel with the setup this time.
 String of Polaroids. =)
 Little gnome chillin'.
 This adorable camera is from Cracker-Barrel!
Very classic cook-out food erasers came from Target dollar section. :)
 Grace was helping us celebrate with a Bitty Baby party hat, I think it's a little big for her, but she doesn't seem to mind too bad.
I think she was pleased when she finally got to see it. :)
Please excuse that this picture is sideways, I'm not sure what happened.

 For her birthday, Kit received this Hufflepuff coloured clutch purse. (I got it at Dollar General, it was 3 dollars, but too cute to pass up)
It wasn't much, but she enjoyed herself, and I had fun working around dehumidifiers to get it set up without things flying everywhere. If you don't follow me on Instagram--last week our house barely missed a tornado, which landed a pine tree on our roof, which lead to a hole in our ceiling. We're all okay, things have just been a little chaotic. We're expecting to get a plan on getting things fixed today. Also it's exam week, so there might be a few most posts as I procrastinate about writing essays and taking five hour exams. Eheheh. I love you all, and hope you're doing well. If you have Kit, what did you do for her birthday? Is your life crazy right now too? <3
~Lu & Kit

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Hogwarts Adventure/Lissie's Birthday (04-21-2017)

Hullo everyone! For Easter, I was given an AG sized Gryffindor outfit for my girls, since Lissie's birthday was the 21st, we decided she would be best to try it on first. 
These little black flats are a little flimsy, but I can't complain too much about having another pair of black shoes.
The little tie is super cute, it is adjustable in size, and has velcro at the back.
Grey knee-highs.
The skirt is pleated in a black fabric.
The velcro is a little bit flimsy on the skirt, but it's okay.
I loveeeee this top.
And the jumper. <3
Here's the outfit without the jumper. Super cute.

Since Lissie's birthday is on National Tea Day, she and a few of her sisters had a cup of tea together.

Then we headed outside to meet a new friend and capture some pictures of the outfit.
We've decided to name her Cotton, because I'm so original.
I have to admit these shots^ reminded me of this scene from the movie.
Related image
(Via google)

Sorry there wasn't much text in this post; I hope you enjoyed it anyway. What house are you in? Are your dolls fans of HP? Rabbits or Owls?
Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you all soon.
~Lu & Lissie-Mae