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What Sixteen Meant to Me. (My Birthday Post)

Hullo dears, today I'm doing something a little different. People don't usually do birthday posts for themselves, sometimes they'll  do hauls, (which I will do if you request it in the comments), but I feel like, maybe for just this once, I should look back on the past year to remind myself of how much I have accomplished, grown, and all the good things that outweighed the negative in my year as a sixteen year old.

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ~Dumbledore.
It is too easy when we feel down to forget all the wonderful things, at the same time, it's too easy, when we're high, to forget all the bad memories.
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So, what did being sixteen mean to me?
I think it's fair to say that the start of my sixteenth year could not have been set more inconveniently, if you remember, my state experienced a historical flood, which began the week of my birthday, and party.
Causing my party to be cancelled, and an interesting start to what others call 'sweet sixteen' It was fine though. Lots of tears, but fine.
Our side yard on the day my party was supposed to be.
Though the flood, and cancellation of my party was a big negative, there was a bright side, we didn't actually flood, which was an amazing blessing, and the next week I was able to purchase one of my dream dolls.
August 31st will make one year of this lovely being mine. 
Adeline-Freya-Pearl Walker. =) 
I think it is fair to say that my dollies had way more parties over the past year than I did, but they're cuter anyway. ;P
A very Regency Halloween Party ^
Alright--now we're going to make this a little more organised, yay for categories!
We went to visit our State's Old State Capitol back in January,
This stage ^ gave me the gut feeling of needing to perform on it. It's such a nice feeling to have after so long. :)
We also went 'home' or, one of the places that feels most like home to me yet, my family's favourite beach in FL, back in February. <3
Sissies and Me. =) Can you tell we're happy?
Dad blessed us by taking us to see CW for the third time on Mother's Day this year. It was fantastic as always. <3
I got my hair cut twice within the age of being sixteen, the first picture is back in January, and the second one is from the other day. 15 inches is quite a change for someone who has had long hair for six years straight!
My love and eagerness to continue photography was by no means cut short this year, if anything, it grew. I had the opportunity to pose for two different friend-photographers, for shoots for them, plus, I think my own photography has greatly improved, since getting my little Pink Nikon camera for my b-day last year. =)
She was trying to do an Edwardian style portrait photo-shoot. ^ Can you tell I have Indian blood? XD
Fairy-Princess Prom-shoot. Lots of fun. :) 10/10!
I'm actually really proud of this picture^ Caroline-Rose's birthday shoot. 
I won't fill this section with loads of doll pictures, because, I mean--that's what this blog is full of, just click back a few posts to see the improvements. However--one more picture...
Rebecca as a summer inspired Peggy from the musical 'Hamilton'. This one particular picture currently has 94--ninety-four, likes on Instagram. Mkay, yeah, one of the most liked pictures on my account, including one of the Chicago cast members who has liked two of my pictures. Eeek. =)
Speaking of Caroline, she was the chosen doll to go to the beach with me. :)
There were a LOT of rainbows. Like, lots so far this year. Very pretty. =)
All the Dollies as of July, 2017. =)
Random selfie...I felt pretty that day.
I am very pleased with this dragonfly picture...if you haven't noticed. =)
The photography section wouldn't be complete without more than a few pictures of the sky. Look at those sun rays--just, wow.
Thanksgiving. =)
Jess and I had, what I think was our best Spring recital yet. Unfortunately, it was also my last casual recital with Jess, since she's deserted me to go to uni. Hmph! ;) Also, on the note of violin, I've begun learning in Fifth position, which is incredibly exciting!
Like I said--Jess graduated. :) That was fun.
Little Miss Lils joined our family back in December. I must say--she's named after my MC of my book series--but, ya know, it fit. :)
Getting my Instax camera has been a great addition to my aesthetically growing life. =)
Miss Flora joined our family last September.
'What's this Lu? A picture of Saige?' Well, yes, it is, good job recognising her! But no, this photo-shoot was inspired by a new obsession of my year. AMELIE! If you have not listened to the musical, starring my queen Pippa Soo--then--then, I don't know, you should go do it. It's on YT, and Spotify. It gets better the further you go! I promise! Plus--I'm learning one of the songs for voice, so you know I must love it.
This is a picture of Rosie and Lily, the reason this is under disappointments, is because one day Rosie disappeared, we think she found a new home, at least we still have Lils.
 One of the greater disappointments of 16, silly as it is...was being turned down from joining a choir, but it's alright, I'm in personal voice lessons now. ;P
 The rest of my chickens, Tweety, Cookie, Jet, Bianca, and Lizzie, were killed by a stray dog back in January, I must confess I haven't quite adjusted yet. Is it strange to still hear chickens when there are none?
*Cough* Tornado after-math *cough*
'We have a hole in our roof--and the power is out!' (Dodie peeps? Where are you?!)
Yeah, a few days after our spring recital we had a tornado come through and land a massive pine tree on our roof. Causing the long road to cleaning up that mess, and having our entire roof re-roofed. If you ever think about having your entire roof re-done, try to be out of town for it. I'm amazed my brain is still in tact, it was very much nerve racking. o.O
We fell in love with a house, (some of us more than others) to have it snatched from under us. 
Like  I said--we went to the beach, what else are you supposed to do in the sand except build sand castles and write your ships' names in the sand with a stick--or toes in this case. 
The ship listed above has been killing me recently, they're one of the ships from my WIP book. =) 
 These two^ happen to be one of the only couples who can make me cry readily, the only other one which can make me cry quickly, that I can think of anyway, would be Una and Walter, but spoilers! (If you are an AnnE person, and know my pain, I would love to cry with you over them. :) )
More of my story! My dear, beautiful sister made me cry by giving me my Christmas present. (After I specifically asked her to please not make me cry this year with her gift). It was a MASSIVE painting of random pictures from my story. A full picture doesn't do it justice, so here's a snippet, one of the portraits of three very dear characters. <3 Did I mention that the first draft on the first book for this series is coming closer to being finished? Very exciting! I've been working off and on on it for four years now. =)

Other things that happened while I was sixteen that I don't have pictures to match up to:
-I became re-acquainted with a very dear friend who I hadn't heard from since 2012, we are now pretty close friends, I'm very glad to have an ENFP close-friend. One thing off my bucket-list! ;P
-I also began going to a chiropractor for the pain in my back and knees. They have certainly done a good job of straightening my spine, and getting my shoulders to level out--now, just to deal with the leftover pain that I'm still struggling with.
-Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I survived my Sophomore year of High-school! 
Just two more years now. Phew. If you would pray for me as I start my new school year, I'm really nervous about my classes, and I know they won't be as bad as I keep telling myself they will be, but you know how overthinkers are. :)
-But more importantly to me, the past year has been me watching my friends and family grow, fall in and out of love, try to survive as the world throws what feels like everything at them.
-I've seen myself, and dear friends conquer mental-illness ever so slowly, living to see another day. I couldn't be more proud of everyone who survived the wreck that 2016 was.
I know 2017 has been tough so far, but we're going to make it! Keep your chins up loves. I love you all ever so dearly.
This is what I look like, 08-17-17 ^
Thank you for almost five years of blogging; for making each post worth editing, each comment and post I read makes me glad that I'm apart of this lovely community.<3
I know this isn't the usual sort of post you'd expect from the title, but I realised that sometimes looking back over one year, or even a day/week, can be just as good for showing growth as pulling memories from many years.

Take care of yourselves and don't let the world get you down. Here's to another year!
If you enjoyed the format of this post--I might do another one next year, if I survive to see my senior year. ;P I'm mostly just teasing.
Until next time!
~Lainey-Lu, the blogging INFJ redhead

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ada in Regency (AGPS 07-30-17)

What? Another post? Well yes! It is the week of my birthday, and I always try to do something special on my blog leading up to my birthday. Today, I have a photo-shoot of Miss Ada to share with you all. Lately I've been pulling out pieces from Caroline's collection to remind myself why I love Regency fashion so much. :)
I hope you enjoyed this quick post. Which Historical collection inspires you the most? Which picture was your favourite?
~Lu & Ada-Freya-Pearl