Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Trip Part 1: Packing, with Saige! 2015

Hullo Everyone, today I will be showing you what Saige will be bringing on the trip.
Let's get started.
Here is the overview.
let's start with day 1, 2, and 3.
Day 1, we'll be getting on the train, so just on the train getting use to everything thing, and then over-night.
(white jeans from Saige's tunic outfit, Shoes from OG, I'm not sure what brand the shirt is and the sunglasses are from AG)
Here are her pj's for the trip, she'll be wearing these the entire trip unless she and Kit choose to switch it up a bit. She also has her neck rest.
Day 2, we will be in Chicago for the day, this is what she'll be wearing.
Red shirt from AG, White jeans(See above),  Orange converse, orange earrings that my friend made me, blue cardigan (my sister got this ages ago in like 2009 from a friend)
 Day 3, we'll be getting off the train really really early in Pittsburgh, So what I am going to do is put her outfit in this bag(Molly's schoolbag from 1995) it fits an entire outfit, so they'll be getting dressed in the car on the way to our destination.
(Emily's meet dress, Kit's cream sandals from her summer outfit) 
Day 4, we'll be in Lancaster,
(Kit's older reporter dress, red and white polka dot shoes that I got on vacation two years ago)
This will be her fancy dress for the dance, (Emily's holiday dress, Ruthie's meet shoes)
Day 6 she'll be wearing this, we'll be travelling in the car a lot, (Homemade dress made from Molly's B-day dress pattern, Kit's sandals again)
 She will also be re-wearing what she wore on day one for the other days at the end of the trip. So that is all of her clothes. Let's go now to her accessories and other things.
 Neck-rest, sunglasses, laptop, bathroom-bag, and shoulder bag for over night wear.
 Here's all of her earrings, and hair stuff.
She's bringing four different pairs of earrings, and a pearl necklace.
So let's pack everything up!
these three dresses fit in the blue OG suitcase,
 Along with the shoes and bathroom bag.
This is the train bag that will be going in my carry on, her Chicago clothes, and pjs. 
and her third day clothes bag.
So yep, that's everything for Saige.
The kitty cat kept me company while I was taking pictures.
This brings this post to a close, it being exam week, I really need to try to concentrate on school. But there will probably be another post up this week, we'll see.
Today is actually Miss Kit's birthday, My Kit is spending her birthday with her friends, but once she gets home we'll see about a party. :)
I hope you enjoyed this post!
 Comment below what your favourite outfit is that Saige will be bringing!


  1. So cute! Hope you have a fun trip :) I especially like the neckrest, where did you get it?

    1. Hi! Thank for stopping by to read my post!
      I got the neckrest with the JetSet Our Generation set awhile back. It is really cute.
      Thanks again!

  2. Have fun on your trip, Lu! Make sure to take a whole lot of pictures, I definitely want to see what you and Saige have seen :)

    ~Ellie xx