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Celtic Woman Concert 2015

Hullo everyone!
So here's the thing...I had this post all ready to publish two nights ago, but when I went to publish it the next morning. All of my finished text and everything had deleted itself. So that is why this post has been so delayed, and also why it isn't quite as detailed and well done as I hoped it would be.
 Friday night was the long awaited Celtic Woman concert. The concert itself was fantastically wonderful. But there is more to the story than that. We took some pictures before we left for the long ride down to where the concert was to take place. We'll start with those.
And Merida--erm, Jess.
Bren stayed at Mawmaw's house while we went.
(My sister, Jess vlogged some about it. You can check that out, here's the video. Down below)

So then it was time to start the trip down. All went nicely until we finally made it into the city of New Orleans. If you have ever been to New Orleans you probably have some idea what the traffic is like. Yeah well, we hit afternoon traffic on 'Canal street' and...our car overheated. So we're pulled over on the edge of the busy street, with cars zooming by, three blocks form our destination. So we sat their for around maybe twenty minutes or more, then finally our car got down to almost normal heat, so we started off again for the parking garage. 
We pulled into a parking garage's entrance, and our car starts heating up again. We find out that this is not the parking garage that we have a ticket for,  (later we figured out that the parking garage that we had already payed for was about three blocks down) But the car was heating up, so we decide that we're just going to park here. So we get up to the second level, and there are no parking spots in sight. and the van starts to smoke again. Mum and us girls got out, and walked on with a nice group of people who had parked ahead of us, leaving dad to wait with the van. It was almost twenty minutes until showtime. so we found our seats, and soon dad came up to join us.
Onto the concert part! First off, we had awesome seats. we were sitting in the upper balcony, (Unfortunately not on the floor) I was surprised at how well I could see everything. 
May I just say that I had a fangirling attack? (Don't worry, it is not a bad thing. ;) )
The first song began...and well. It was better than I could have hoped.  
This isn't a clip from the show I saw...in fact, it doesn't have the singers that I saw singing in it...but I hope you will still enjoy. (I found it on youtube in a large search I had for new uploads awhile back)
I simply love this song, I have ever since my sister got the album that this song is on (A New Journey) back in like....2009. So yeah. I hope you enjoy this snippet. If you were wondering, this is Meav, Susan and Mairead (C) singing...and of course the lovely Mairead N on fiddle.
I got to see Alex Sharpe, Lynn Hilary (Next to Lisa K, she's my favourite singer. I was so excited to see her), Susan Mcfadden and of course, Mairead Nesbitt.

When we walked into the theatre's entry hall...Well, let's just say I was scanning for one of the cast members I'm not sure why, I just was. To my delight, I saw Miss Edel selling programs. I didn't think quick enough to ask mum if I could get one...I wasn't sure it was her, quite honestly. 
So during half-time, sisters and I went back down to find her. For those wondering...it was her. She's so sweet, so we got the program and hurried back up to our seats.
There's the program. (This was taken after the show outside...thus the light)
Here are their second act dresses. 
I loved Lynn's second act dress!
I didn't get pictures of their other dresses...unfortunately. 
But you can find pictures elsewhere if you want to.
There's the stage set-up.
I could go on for days and days with pictures and songs and random facts about the concert and the past ten years of CW...but I shan't bore you with all that. ;)

Afterwards, we got to meet the back-up singers/choir. They were super sweet and let us take pictures with them. I'm so glad I got to meet them. Their dresses were fabulous!
And Edel. :) 
And then there's us...jk. ;P I mean...it is us...oh never mind.
Me, Jess, Catie, and Mum

And afterwards. ;( the show was sooo good I didn't want to leave...but alas, Mum and dad wouldn't let us hang around in the theatre for them to come back. ;P  The blues are really bright here.

And there are their tour-busses. It was really difficult...like really hard for me not to try to get onto one of them... I wish they hadn't gone. I was so sad.
I still am. Maybe they'll come back next year. All good things right? thanks Olaf. :)
On the way home traffic was even worse than on the way in, we were two hours later than we should have been getting home. One time when we were sitting on the shoulder of the bridge, that we got stuck on because of traffic and our car over-heating again. Celtic Woman passed our car...that was not a very fun experience, I mean, it was awesome; but a bit annoying as well if you understand me.:)
I'm sorry again that this is two days late. It also isn't nearly as well written as the other one was, but having to do something over will do that. 
I hope you enjoyed this post. But I thought I should go ahead and get this published or it probably wouldn't be in the future.
Are you a CW fan? 
Classes end this week, and then I have exams...There will be a post in there somewhere about the trip, finally I will finish it and get it up before we leave--hopefully. 
Best of luck on exams everyone who has them.
Thanks for stopping by, 

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