Other Dollies in the Family.

My dolls aren't the only dolls that stay in my room, my sister and mom let me keep there's in my room also!
Here's a quick introduction to All of the dolls of Mannerbee Mansions!

Rebecca is mum's Dollie, we got her for her for her B-day in 2011.

Lanie & Kirsten
Yes there are two Lainey's in this house...only one of them is Lanie, not Lainey....
this is C's second doll(2010 for her b-day). and Kirsten is C's first(June, 2007).

Jess's dolls consist of, Lizzie & Emily.
Lizzie was the doll Jess got in Dallas when we went in Feb, 2010. And Emily was her first doll that she got in Dec, 2007.

Well that's all there is!
If you would like more details on any of them...I made a post here,
Please feel free to ask questions!


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