Lego Creations From Bren.

Hullo! this page is for my awesome little brother, a place for him to show y'all his Lego Creations and sets!
let's start off with a small intro....
^This^ is Bren.

He made a Cellar for Bag'end.

here's a better picture.
there's the inside.
We're back!!! Yep, Bren  here.
"They should be arriving soon."
"We're here!"
"I'm hungry."
"How about some eggs...or turkey?" 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
What's your favourite Thanksgiving food?
How to build a Christmas ornament:
 It's Christmas time again!!! And you need Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree. And today...I will show you how to make these three, (Pictures above) Christmas decorations. Let's get started!!!
To make the horse you will need these pieces: (Pictured above)
Follow the instructions below!

And then onto the Nixel:

And R2-d2!

Hope you enjoyed! 
Happy Holidays!


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new member and helper! Please welcome Matt!
Matt likes to play lots of video games...if you didn't notice. ;)
"Hi everyone! I am Matt, and I am glad to be helping Bren with his Blog area."
"Bye for now!"
What do you think of Matt?
For Christmas Bren got this huge Lgeo Technic set. Here is the finished product. 

More later.

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