Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The long expected---Easter pictures!

Yep, if you read the title. It isn't lying this time. ;P Today I found time to take the dollies down and snap the pictures I promised you several weeks ago.
So without further ado!
The girls were just itching to get their little hands on those treat filled baskets!
 Everyone together, waiting for Lu and the baskets, 
The cat was not exactly thrilled when we start using the love-seat where she was trying to nap.
"Where is she?"
"Be patient, she's coming."
"Luuuu. Where are the baskets?"
"Here sillies...hold your horses. I need pictures for the blog."
"All right. Smile everyone!"
"Okay, you can have the baskets now."

There we go, everyone was given their basket.



This is what was in Saige's basket, in case anyone was wondering, it is a bit hard to see in the pics.

I tried to get the cat and Maire to take a picture, however. Annie wasn't too thrilled about that idea.

Annndddd Lissie!

All righty girls, you can open them up now.
Kanani got mascara in her basket.

(It is an eraser I found, it is the perfect size!)
Felicity got nail-polish
Ruthie got a Paddington figurine

Caroline was very excited about her new fan.

And of course, Saige got a ball.
It is hard to tell, but this is Marie. 

the illustrations in these books are fantastical! 

Wish Kit was here to open hers, but it'll be waiting when she gets back. :)
Did you get anything for Easter? Whose basket was your favourite?
Please comment below!
More posts to come!

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  1. Ruthie looks so sweet! My favorite basket would probably be Caroline's.