Sunday, 3 May 2015

A day in the country with Lissie

Yesterday my family went up to visit my Grandmother and Granddaddy in the country, the first was Grandmother's birthday. I decided to bring Lissie along because she hasn't had very many trips lately.
Getting ready to head out.
Right before we got on the road.
The grass is so green!

Once we got there we hurried into the bedroom to set our stuff down.
Lissie posed in a few places for pictures.

Come on Lissie, let's head outside.
All righty!
Get your camera.
I've got it,

Pink roses!
The shade was so pretty, and the grass was green.
The colours were almost too much for the camera to catch.
More roses!

The blueberries are coming in early this year, the bushes are loaded! Can't wait to eat some this summer...
Next we went to visit Clementine, the kitty cat.
I tried to get her to take a picture with Lissie...but when I finally got the camera steady, she discovered that there was still food in her bowl. -_- Cats can be very annoying when they don't listen.
We began to make our way back inside, as it was almost time to go.
But we of course had to stop by Louis the Cockatiel for a picture.
He was a bit more cooperative than Clemmy. 

And then Wilco, he wasn't too jazzed about having his picture taken either. Oh well.

After that we had to pack our stuff up. Lu's hands were too full to take any pictures on the way out. And when we got home, she was very tired; so that brings this post to a close. I had a lot of fun in the country. It is always fun to go different places. 

Yep, that's about it everyone. There should be more posts coming up soon. I got everyone dressed in different dresses today, so there should be something about that maybe tomorrow. We'll have to see what school allows. Isn't this dress gorgeous on Lissie? I think after Kanani sees her in it she'll probably give hers to her. :)
Thanks for reading!
Post which picture your favourite was down below.
~Lu & Lissie

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