Saturday, 14 February 2015

V-day 2015

Happy V-day--again! 
Every year, Mum gets us kiddos something for V-day.
So I though I would show you what I got.

Bren actually got this...but gave her to me, because she's a she ;P 
Isn't she cute?
Doctor Who valentines! 

And here it is. The purple box. As most of you have probably seen, I ordered an outfit from AG, I all ready did the review on it. you can see that post here. Anyway. I got another outfit for Valentine's day. let's get started.
 My American Girl box.
The Fair Isle pajamas!
This set is super cute.
I found it funny that the 'Sparkle dress' came with a confident charm, and so do these. (It is a different shape)
Here is a better picture.
The slippers are soft, very pink and fluffy.
There is the bottom of the slipper.
The ponytail holder or elastic as some people refer to them.
Here are the pj bottoms. These are super adorable!
There is the little AG logo tag.
I absolutely love this pattern. It has snowflakes and sparkles!
I also noticed...being such a fan at heart that they are the colours of the older Strawberry Shortcake, like what I collect.
Here's the top. It is pretty soft, 
I don't quite understand this button thing--the bottom two are buttoned, but the top one isn't. I don't think you can unbutton the bottom two. But I know you can't button the top. It is a very interesting addition to the pattern.
The shirt also has snowflakes at the top.
And there is the tag on the sleeve.
There's the back. It closes with velcro.
So there ya have it! The Fair Isle pajamas.
Oh wait--hold on just a second. I bet you want to see it on a doll...don't you?
"Coming! I'm coming."
All right everyone, this outfit will be modeled by none other than the fabulous Saige! So get ready!
"Hi everyone!" ~Saige
Slippers. They slip nicely onto her feet, with a bit of bushing. If you can get hold of the faux fur to pull it makes things easier.
Ponytail holder,
The entire outfit, on the doll. With the charm.(And my arm ;P)
Without the charm.
Over all, I really like these...a lot. They are super cute and we will get a lot of use out of them, if I calculated all of the dolls in the house have pajamas...that might cause for another photoshoot! Anyway, I hope this review was helpful, if you are thinking about getting this set, I believe they are still on sale on AG. Might be worth checking. I would recommend them!

You're Dalek-table! ;P
Happy V-day everyone! I hope you all had a very wonderful day!
Kit says Happy Valentine's day.

Such pretty girls.
The mantle is so pretty.
And the Valentine's day tree.

Farewell until the next post!
Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. Awww such a cute little outfit!! I'm trying to post your card, it's proving difficult at the mo

  2. So cute!!! I got these PJ's when I went to AGP mall of america in november and I LOVE them!