Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Marie gets a Holiday outfit.

Today--A new AG came in the mail! I ordered a couple of items from AG's large sale...(It is still going on. You can check it out here)
Anyway! Let me show you what I bought!
Here is the box cover.
I got the Silver Shimmer dress.
I loved this dress when it came out, I thought it would be a great holiday dress for Marie. But the price was high. It finally got down to a reasonable price. The original price was 36$ I got it for 18$...Great deal huh? I believe you can still get it if you are interested!
I comes with: 1 dress, 1 pair of shoes, 1 headband and 1 charm. Let's show you the actual outfit now!
Marie was very, very eager to put it on...so she will be modeling her new outfit.
There is the overview. (Sorry for the glare!)

The shoes. They are very sparkly and shimmery! Very well made and easy to get on her feet.
The bodice has sequins on it. Makes for a very interesting and fun texture!
May I just say that I love the fabric this skirt is made out of? All right, It is a very soft and breezy silver I think it is a knit. It also has a couple of sequins.
The headband also has a bow like on the shoes and the front of the dress.
The headband is very thin, I think it could be called flimsy, but if you are careful it shouldn't be any trouble. I cut the long tag on it so it doesn't stick out.
Onto the last item: The charm
There is the box.
It came with the 'Confident' charm. As you probably know, I don't have a MAG so I don't have one of the necklaces, so I probably won't get very much if any use out of it; but it is very cute anyway!
Side profile with the headband.
Kit and Ruthie just so happened to be downstairs at the time in their V-day garb(A post on the later!)
So they got a group picture.
Of course Kit and Ruth had to get a sister picture all by themselves...;)
A couple more pictures of the dress.

This dress is a bit short, but it is cute enough to make up for that! 
Marie likes it.
For whatever reason...Blogger put these next pictures last...and since I am so very lazy and don't feel like fighting with them to get them in the correct spot...Here are the details on the dress!(More in depth details)
These are the 'straps' they are just little ribbons, I personally think AG could have done better on the sleeves. They are easy to slip onto her arms and not stay on her shoulders. 
Bow on the front of the dress.
And the shoes!
So there you have it! In all I love this dress. I would definitely recommend it.
Marie really likes it, it'll work for pretty much every holiday because it is silver.
I hope you enjoyed this review!
Did you buy anything from the big sale?
What have you been up to?

Another post should be up soon!
Until then, farewell lovely followers!


  1. Cute dress dear! I wish we could get AG here! I would do a custom :D

  2. Oh and I'm UBER looking forward to your letters!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE