Saturday, 3 June 2017

CW Concert: Voices of Angels Tour (05-14-17)

Hullo everyone! This post is a tad bit late, but heh, what can I say, lots of things, stressful things, have been happening. Here are the pictures from the Celtic Woman concert back on Mother's Day. It was a pleasant and much needed surprise to get tickets. :)
Unlike last time we went, we headed to Biloxi MS instead of NOLA. Apparently NOLA didn't sell enough tickets or something. Oh well.
They had a screen with a slideshow playing through the entire show, very unlike anything they're used in the past.
No video, but we were allowed to take no-flash pictures. So here are these.
Did I mention that since so few tickets sold, we were moved up many many seat rows? Yep, that was cool.
Dulaman. (Mairead Carlin)
Eabha McMahon. <3
Anthony Byrne.
'Kesh Inn' This one was very fun! And I recognised several pieces.
Nil Sen La
Teir Abhaile Riu.
For the Love of A Princess: Tara McNeill
She was lovely. =)
Walk Beside Me.
Ray Fean.
Ave Maria
Then afterwards we got to meet two of the lovely choir boys. Ronan (Who is married to MC), and Carl. They were great!
Then it was time to head home.
But as we were leaving the coast, the sun was setting--it was almost as nice of a sunset as the ones at Destin--but no quite.
Well that's all I have to share. If you have a chance to go see 'Voices of Angels' you by golly should. It was amazing, and made me miss Ireland even more, (I know I've never been, shh) and it'll make you truly appreciate Celtic music. Here's a link to the rest of their tour. They're nearly finished though. Alrighty, well, I'll be back with another Photo-shoot soon. Have a good day!

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