Sunday, 11 June 2017

Broadway Bounding: The Schuyler Sisters (take 1, HAMILTON, 05-18-17)

It is likely no small fact to most of you reading this; that my family has been 'obsessed' to put it lightly, with a musical called, 'Hamilton: An American Musical' for over a year. Since my last post, similar to this on Amelie (which is now on Spotify and out on CD, you really should go listen to it, it gets better the further in you get! I promise!) 
I thought it would be fair that Hamilton got a post--there will likely be another one, but here's a summer-inspired-Schuyler-Sisters-photo-shoot. Also the fact that over the course of posting these pictures on my instagram, the current actor who plays Alexander Hamilton in the Chicago cast, liked on of my pictures. Whatttttt. Anywho, calm down Lu, here's the photo-shoot! Enjoy!
Our models today are Lizzy (J's doll), Ruthie-Lila, and Becca (Mum's doll).
Becca as Peggy!
Lizzy as Angelica. 
We're looking for a mind at work!
And Ruthie as Elizabeth.
And Peggy!
Look around, look around!
Which picture was your favourite? Have you listened to Hamilton? Would you like to see more posts like these? 

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