Thursday, 2 March 2017

Caroline-Rose Goes On An Adventure--Day 1 & 2 (02-25-26-17)

Hullo Ducklings, I hope you are all well. I've got a small case of wanderlust and spring fever, but other than that, I'm doing fine. Over the weekend, my parents surprised us kids with a holiday to the beach for my sister's birthday. I'd like to share with you the first part of the trip, today. The second half will be up soon too, but since tomorrow's Marie's b-day, we'll see what happens. I hope you enjoy!
(August 2016^)
Picking which doll would could with me was probably the hardest part, but I ended up choosing Caroline-Rose after much discussion with my mum and sisters. Caroline has never really travelled with me, other than to Mississippi, once. So I wasn't sure how well this would go. Let's just say, she's a heavy packer, and a talkative roommate.

Caroline-Rose decided to pack her car-bag with the following:
Ania's laptop, flip flops, Ania's ukulele, little Rose, and Kit's camera.
A beauty has to remember to bring her hair tools, brush, spritz bottle, and pencil for curling.
Her travel outfit consists of:
Saige's Tunic-outfit White Jeans,
Black flats from Fall for Overalls OG Set
Yellow top from OG's Plaid to Be Here Set.
Her toiletry bag consists of:
Lipstick, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste.
I found the best way to pack big sets such as Samantha's PC swimsuit is to seal them folded in a Ziploc, they take up less space this way. Just a quick tip.
Her jewelry.
I ended up not bringing everything in these pictures, my suitcase filled very quickly, so we had to leave some things home. XD
After everything was packed and loaded, it was time for Caroline to climb into my backpack for the 6 hour drive.
After getting stuck in traffic in Alabama, we finally crossed the line into Florida.
Then we stopped in Pensacola for lunch, the Jason's there was really nice, and they were very quick with the service.
Bay bridge.
~Yay! Beach~
Finally we made it to our lake villa, unpacked and headed down to the beach to catch the awesome sunset.
~Day 2!~
We got down to the beach around 6:30, right after sunrise.
The light was sparkling on the water like a spotlight.
This is the little room Jess and I were sharing, it was yellow with blue and green accents, an adorable gable room.
Caroline's second day outfit.
I also re-curled her hair.
The view from our window.

Did I mention that the house's back patio gave you an excellent view of the golf course, this is the lake by the green 
Sunset. <3
Caroline is so stinking cute in Emily's pjs.
Caroline-Rose brought her diary that she got for Christmas to write her adventures down in on the trip.
Time to brush our teeth.

Then it was time to head back upstairs for bed.
Good night!

Thanks for reading! The second day didn't have much activity, but the third day--well, the next post will be more full of interesting things, so stay close. Does your family have a specific beach or destination place that you prefer over others? Which ones more relaxing? Beach or Mountains?
Thanks again!
~Lu & Caroline

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