Friday, 24 February 2017

(AG Review + Photo-shoot) Kit's School Skirt Set (02-2017)

Hullo ducklings, today, I have yet another review for you. I hope you're not growing tired of these, I have a lot of fun doing this sort of post.
This is a set I've wanted since it release back in 2008, Wow, that was awhile ago. it was always too much to pay for what it came for though, so when I saw it was on clearance, I knew it had to come home.
The set includes; top, belted skirt, brown cross shoes, cream socks with pink trim, cream felt hat with pink band, and cream and pink shrug.
The hat's my favourite part, closely followed by the skirt, but anyway. This is the side of the hat's pink pretty bow.
As you can see, the hat is shaped in a bell shape, unlike how you would usually think of a cloche.
The shoes are brown, and have really sweet details on the straps.
The cardigan always made me shake my head, but once I've seen it on a doll in person, I really like the way it looks. It's a rougher texture than the rest of the outfit, but it's still soft enough. It's tan and cream mixed in a woven pattern, with pink ribbon edging the open sides.
Cream knee-highs.
I love the touch of pink at the tops.
The top is this brown/pink colour, honestly, I'm not sure what colour it is. But it has green stems and pink and white flowers on it. 
There's a little decorative tie at the top in the front of the collar with a little cream button.
Puffed sleeves. =)
And the back is just AG's usual velcro.
The skirt is longer than most of AG's similar skirts, (which I love about it), it's this pretty pink colours, not light, not dark, but sitting somewhere in the middle of them. It's got a section at the top that acts as a fake belt, with a little gold buckle.
It just has elastic in the waist. This made it very difficult for my PC Kit doll to get into it, but it's very realistic!
Look how darling Kit is in this outfit.
Typewriter: dollar tree ('07)
Newspapers: Eggs from Whole Foods
Camera & Film: AG
Overall, I give this outfit 5/5, bravo AG, I love this set.
Thanks for reading! What was your favourite picture? 
~Lu & Kit


  1. I like the one of Kit sitting with Grace.
    Very nice review; thank you for all the detailed photos.

    1. Thank you Ms Xyra!
      Grace has been in a lot of photo-shoots recently. I feel like not very many people review this set, maybe it's because it was sold at such an expensive price? Glad you enjoyed my opinion.
      Thanks for commenting!