Thursday, 9 February 2017

Non-Birthday Tea Party (02-05-17) (PC-AG Review + Photo-shoot) Addy's Birthday Dress(1995 Edition)

Hullo everyone! You ready for another review? Yes? Yay!
For Christmas, my Mum, gave me Addy's Pleasant Company, 1995 edition, birthday dress. I squealed. This set is amazing, and looks incredible on Addy in person. Plus it's PC, which means it fits my doll's particular collection. Eek! I can't wait to show you what it includes, so let's get started.
This is the overview, it came with the original pamphlet...
Which, inside shows Addy's table and chairs and her b-day outfit and dinner set. Super cute.
Sorry this isn't straight on, the computer's being obnoxious. The set includes, pinafore dress, cream shirt, cream socks, brown snood with a yellow bow.
Ada was very excited to add another outfit to her growing collection!
Here's the ORIGINAL packaging. <3
And the dress.
The shirt has lines running up and down it, and it's gathered on the sleeves, roughly where her elbows go, it also has three little brown buttons at the collar, which has zigzag brown trim.
The pinafore over-dress is brown and cream checkered, with little lines through each square, it has two triangular pockets on either side of the skirt.

Canary yellow and cream bow on the brown snood.
The snood is a very soft yarn, unlike how I supposed it would be.
~Un-Birthday Photo-Shoot~
Lovely setup displaying the Lefton tea-set my Grandmother gave me.
Doesn't it look quite inviting?
You can really see the yellow in this picture.

Dreamer you will always be, my darling girl. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, once I get started taking pictures or Ada it's hard to get myself to stop. =) What was your favourite picture? What's your favourite type of tea to fix a cup of for yourself when you're feeling down?
Thanks for stopping by dears!
~Lu & Ada-Pearl


  1. Addy looks stunning and that tea set is beautiful. A very happy un-birthday to you and your crew!

    1. Thank you for commenting! It was very fun setting Addy up for this photo-shoot. She's such an interesting doll to photograph. My Grandmother is always good at finding really cute tea sets for my dollies. =)
      Thanks again!

    2. That is a handy talent to have. :)

  2. Love the little tea set. And the backdrop is really neat, the photo of the set up before you introduced Addy to it just looks like a full sized porch!

    1. Haha, thanks for stopping by! It was very fun to set up the scene, it's always funny when it's easier to set up a doll size scene than a person party. Oh the joys of being a miniaturist. =)