Thursday, 16 February 2017

Marie Visits Louisiana's Old State Capitol (01-28-2017)

Well I promised, so here it is. A few weekends ago, my family took the opportunity to visit Baton Rouge's old State Capitol building. It's our first historical adventure in 2017! I brought Marie-Grace along, obviously because Marie's stories are based in New Orleans, and this building was built 1847--which means that she was 6 years old when it was opened. So there's our history lesson, if you'd like to check out the wiki, you can click here, but other than that, let's begin the pictures!
She posed really quickly on the entry steps. She was very glad Caroline had let her use her coat, it was cold today. Very unlike Louisiana's usual weather.
There's the lovely steps and entry doors, this isn't the front of the building, but it was still pretty. I couldn't get a picture without my dear family in it, because there was a few visitors coming in after us and the didn't want to wait any longer in the cold, I don't mind, if you don't.
Oh the glare! But look at those doors. O.O
The staircase meets you when you walk in, first expression was wide-eyes and dropped jaw, I love staircases. <3
Then we began looking at the side room displays before we headed upstairs:
They had these models, which made me very happy.
Isn't this amazing?
Marie thought it was. =)
This next room held artifacts from an actual American Girl, and as always, you get to see it, because the only way better to learn about history, other than fiction, is seeing the real-deal and experiencing, so here, learn about Sara-Morgan-Dawson.
These were the curtains in the room, they reminded me of Disney's Belle's Christmas gown.
In case you couldn't tell, these^ are pages re-printed from her journal. Look at her handwriting!
Marie did her best to pose with the portrait, but the light was so low in the room that it didn't come out well.
Next we headed over to the Huey P. Long display, they had this guy ^ (It's a statue) but behind it was a shadow of Huey delivering a speech from his campaign, it was very creepy, and a little too much like Doctor Who for me and Marie to stay long.
Then we headed to the 1st Lady display--
A look at the stained glass dome ceiling and staircase.
Can you IMAGINE how long this must have taken back then? Isn't it stunning?
A piece of history surrounded by modern day world.
Mumsie and Daddy. <3
I love these windows.

I think I left a piece of my heart on that stage, it said it would only come back with me after I've performed on it. Oh well. 
The balcony from the stage point-of-view.

We weren't allowed any further up in the building, but aren't the staircases darling?
I nearly caused someone to run into me on the stairs to get this picture, but I'm glad I did stop to get it anyway.
Secretary of State.
Agricultural Department
On the way back to the car I stopped outside to get these pictures.
I love how her eyes pop against the doors colour.
That ends today's historical adventure. Marie can't wait to scrapbook the whole day in the new scrapbook she got for Christmas.
I hope you enjoyed, did you learn anything from reading the pictures? Have you ever visited your State Capitol, either old or new?
Thanks for reading!
~Marie & Lu


  1. What a wonderful adventure?! Looks like everyone had a great time in the capitol building. The blue ensemble was stunning. Loved all the staircases and stained glass. it was fun touring with you.

    1. Thank you Ms Xyra!
      It was definitely an enjoyable day. Marie is a fun doll to take along on adventures like this, yesterday after I finished this post I did her scrapbook pages, they turned out really cute. =)