Thursday, 2 February 2017

(AG Review+Photoshoot) Kit's Floral Print Dress

Hullo dear readers! Today Kit and I have another review for you, for Christmas, I was given Kit's floral dress from my Mum. This is a set that has been out since, almost forever for Kit. I never really wanted it until recently when I discovered I had so very little yellow anything in my doll collection. And being a Hufflepuff, and a Peggy, yellow's a bit important. Luckily for Christmas, my Mum upped the number of yellow from 0 to about 15, so yeah, Yay! Let's begin! The first of these pictures were taken in the bad light of December, but the rest of them were taken yesterday, so bear with me as we go through these. Enjoy!

It includes, floral print yellow dress, tan sandal shoes, and green flower clip (not shown).
I love the Peter-Pan style collar.
The belt is sewn on.
It's actually all three of the Schuyler Sisters colours...
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Here's a closeup of the collar's pattern.


(edited with google)

The shoes are velcro, easy on, easy off.

Overall, I'd give this set a 4.5/5, you can still get this set on sale here.
I forgot to include the flower clip in this PS, but I'm sure you'll see it sometime in the future. :)
Kit and I had fun taking this photo-shoot, even though Kit fell on the driveway and chipped her nose in the process, she's okay, she just wants to be sure you are all careful while taking pictures on windy days to take pictures quickly and keep your hand on your doll when you're not actively holding a camera. It's a dangerous world, especially when you're 18".
Happy Groundhog Day, are you getting more winter, or is Spring coming early?
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu & Kit