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Christmas for the Dollies (2016)

Hullo everyone! I know it's almost the beginning of February, but the dolls wanted me to post this anyway, it's just taken us a long time to finish it. I hope you don't mind, and maybe even enjoy!
Without further ado, Christmas with the Dollies.
Hullo Dears! It's Kit, so we opened stockings a little bit strangely this year. We opened them Christmas night, right after Lu got home from her Grandmother's house, that's why the lighting is so bad in these pictures.
Don't they look pretty in their holiday outfits?

There's the stockings.

Ada was given a little blue bottle, trinket box, candy cane, and blue maraca. 
These will be great for when she gets a room in the dollhouse to put any jewelry in.
Caroline-Rose was given a pastel pink hair bow, Yellow troll(who she has named Stella), a candy cane, and a locket charm!

Grace Ellen got; a Lego Friends set, candy cane, and purple beaded bracelet!

Saige got her necklace that AG was selling separately to add to her collection! A Tigger Tsum-tsum (Actually a keychain, so he's hard plastic), and a candy cane!

Marie-Grace's stocking was filled with a candy cane, a yellow maraca, 'Smidge' One of the trolls from the movie, and a little charm shaped like the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, which is perfect for little Marie.

Kanani was given from Santa, a game of Parkel, a candy cane, and a green floral hair bow.

Lissie-Mae got a troll, green maraca, candy cane, and a little silver locket.

Ruthie-Lila had a very pink Christmas! She got a set of nesting dolls, a pink maraca, and of course a candy cane!

Kit was given a pink floral hair bow, a green flower barrette, a candy cane, and a pink troll.

~Christmas Presents~
So Christmas for us dollies is always a little bit different. Lu usually tries to get at least one thing for each of us, whether it's a stocking stuffer, or 'big' present. This year, Santa (Lu's Mum) Gosh Ania, don't be such a spoil sport. It's true though! Kit already knows that. Yes--but I'm not sure Marie does? Oh--okay. Anyway! This year stocking stuffers were easier to find than big presents, so only six of us nine got a big one. But it's okay because we're running out of room in the dollhouse anyway. XD
Saige isn't in these pictures, but she was given the green backpack.

Grace was given her meet earrings. But better than that, since my ears aren't pierced, Lu's promised to take me next time they get to go to a store to get them done! I'm so excited, I've never been to one of the stores before!

The set includes a pair of blue-blow-studs, red-heart-studs, and eiffel-tower-dangles.

Lu knows me so well, I got a huge thing of nutella! That I will not share with Ruthie--Lu said you had to share! Oh fine. But you can't eat all of it like last time.

Lu and Kit got me these adorable reindeer slippers, even though I already have some, I'll let Ada wear them with the gingerbread pjs. :)

I got a scrapbook! Which I'm so excited to get started on!

Caroline-Rose got another notebook, this one's gold, pink and cream.
Is that everything?
So that's all for this post. The next one, I think will either be a Photo-shoot/review, or a historical adventure! We'll see which one gets done first. :) You can comment down below what your favourite thing you got for Christmas was.
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu & The Nine Darling Dollies

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