Monday, 23 January 2017

Summer Spectacular Our generation Set Review, (Ruthie, 01-16-17)

Hullo dears! I'm back with little Miss Ruthie today for another review and photo-shoot of an Our Generation Outfit that I received for Christmas. Enjoy!
So this is the outfit--the Summer Spectacular! 

It includes, shoes, shorts, top, hair clip, hanger, cat purse.
It's all so pretty!
The shorts are trying to be highwaisted. They are a soft purple cotton-like fabric. With four fake buttons on the front. These made me think of Taytay. XD
Shorts open and fasten with velcro.
The kitty purse is a rough fabric, but we can blame that on the very sparkly glitter. It is black, and unfortunately the ears don't want to lay flat, but still cute.
The shoes are pink and white saddle-shoe type things. Adorable style unfortunately they are rubber, and thus just like Pollypocket shoes, only much more difficult to get on the doll. (I had to have my Mum stretch them for me, because I was scared of breaking them.)

The flower clip is mounted on a very cheaply made bobby pin, with a piece of plastic on the tip of it. Not the easiest thing I've ever put in my doll's hair.
The top is a soft, very light linen fabric. It has two working clear buttons on the front, you have to untie the bottom and then tie it back.

Shirt buttons are working and really cute. =)


The shoes have a slight heel.
And this is how they open and fasten.

Well that's all for this Photo-shoot. Overall, I'm giving this outfit 3/5 stars. The shoes and hairclip were a bit of a downer. But I still very dearly love this outfit, and the shorts will definitely get some use. They're the only pair of shorts my dolls own. =)
Thank you for reading, I'll see you in my next post!
Is it as Spring-like where you are as it is here?
~Lu & Ruthie-Lila


  1. Cute outfit! I've nominated you for an award:

  2. Very cute outfit. I love the little purse. There is a lot of mix and match potential here.

    How did your mom stretch the shoes? I have a pair of OG orange and red t-straps that won't go on and would love to try and make the straps go around as they should.

    1. Hey Ms Xyra,
      So when I showed my Mum the problem, she just pulled on the strap until it latched. It took a little while, and I was holding my breath all the while, afraid it would break, but it didn't. Once it was latched, it was very well in there, and I haven't attempted to get them off yet, I'm hoping I can get them back on once they're of luck!

    2. I was too chicken to pull that hard! Thankfully, we have a different pair of shoes that would work for the outfit.