Thursday, 19 January 2017

Wrapping Gifts with Kit (Dec, 23rd, 2016)

Today I decided to drag out one of the few Photo-shoots that I did during the Christmas season this year, I do hope you won't mind. It is wrapping gifts, and that is a year long thing, after all. So let me let Kit take the camera, and let's see what happens.
Hullo dear readers, today I get to talk to you while I wrap Ruthie's Christmas present. =) I started off with a box and some tissue paper.

I always think it's funny when you humans rush about doing school and activities and don't slow down long enough to drink a cup of tea. It really does help, hopefully that's what you're doing now.
If you don't know, it's the middle of Lu's mid-term exam week, and so she's been procrastinating, It's funny how when she starts to do that with school, she comes back to the blog and posts a lot of posts she's been procrastinating on. ;P BTW, we found the slippers at Dollar-General in the X-mas ornament section.

Tuck everything in, and put the lid on. What's your favourite way to wrap a gift? bag, box, or wrapped in paper?

Time to tape it up!

Pop a bow on top, and put it under the tree. 
That was fun, thank you for reading this post. Don't forget to slow down this crazy week for a few minutes and breathe. Turn on some music and dance or sing til you feel happy. Then get back to work. Study hard, live good, and be happy with the moment--and if you aren't, then work for a better moment. <3

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