Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Surprise Halloween/Birthday Party part 2 ( Presents, found post from 2015)

Welcome back to last Halloween, we're glad to see that you've decided to join us for part 2/3. let's begin.
After everyone had finished eating, it was time for the two b-day girls to open their presents.

(If you couldn't tell, these were taken at night, thus the terrible quality.)

 "Alright Caroline, you can go first."
"Yay! This bag is so big! I wonder what could be inside?"

"Oh yay! It's a Pinkie Pie! thank you everyone."
"That's not all."

"What a pretty notebook, look at the little chandeliers!"
"We thought it looked like your colours."
"It does! You gals are so observant."
(Can you tell Lu was watching 'Speak Now' In the Background?)
"Gosh. What's this big thing?"
"Open it and see!"


"Look at the lava lamp!"
Yep, Caroline Rose got the Our generation set, 'Got to Lava the Lamp' 
Let's take a closer look.
It includes: One very fuzzy pink pillow, a floral pink journal, a pink fake pencil, a pair of pink and white striped glasses and a clear lava lamp. 

"These will be perfect for Hello Kitty Dressup!" 

"Thank you everyone! it was so sweet of you. This has been an amazing first b-day as your sister."
"Aww, you're so sweet Rose."

~Saige's turn!~

"Ooh, purple shoes!"

"And glasses."

"awww, and a picture with you guys. So sweet."

"And pumpkin juice to fill my little potterhead heart, I know that made no sense, don't judge me. Such a cute basket. I can keep my art supplies in it!"
As you can see I had a lot of help with this photo-story. 
Stay close, part 3 will be up very very soon. See, I can actually get things done when I give myself a deadline, plus I'm procrastinating on finishing this year's photo-shoot, oh well, at least I never give up. XD Hope you enjoyed. Which girls present looked most like something you'd enjoy receiving?

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