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A Surprise Halloween/Birthday Party part 1 (Photo-Story found and edited from 2015)

(Hey, Lu here. I just want to warn you before we jump into this post. This is a photo-story that I worked a long time on this time last year, but never got enough gumption to actually finish editing it and get it posted. So I want to share it with you before you get to see the new Halloween pictures. So please enjoy and excuse the lack of quality in the pictures.)

Hullo! As the title states, October is a busy B-day month in the Dolls' lives. Saige's was the 8th, and Caroline's was the 22nd. Since I didn't think I would have time during this month for two doll Birthday parties, I've been scheming for a joint party for them since July. However, you know how I seems like I'm always about two weeks off. But hey, they're still getting some kind of party.
Last year, I had been planning Saige a party, but we never got to it. Since I never used what we had purchased for last year's party, and since Caroline has joined our family, we'll be using those and some other cute finds I've found recently for this year.
Onto the tale of the stormy night.
It was a dark and rainy night, the 31st of October...the night, so it was said was Halloween.
The Redhead's family had decorated the house quite spookily for this night.

The black cats were under serious curfew, no brooms allowed. 
But also on this night, a party was being thrown for all the smaller people that live up in the Redhead's room, as they prepared for a birthday party.

The tables had been set up earlier, gifts and food.

Treats for any trick-or-treaters.
Lissie, Ania and Kit were left home while the other were busy out running errands or keeping two particular girls out of their hair.
Lissie was in charge of being sure the food was out, "perfectly" and Kanani was doomed with decoration-duty(could not find the gif...*sniff sniff*). 
Just kidding, she chose to decorate...I'm not sure she had any idea what she was getting into, let's take a closer look.
Goal, get these lanterns up there, problem? It's way up high up there.
"Kanani! Are you alright??"
"I did it!"

Kanani was lying on the ground, gazing up at the little orange bucket.
"Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground! But I did it!" She said dramatically, her hand falling to her forehead for effect.
"Yeah, she's fine." Lissie said, rolling her eyes as she went back to setting out drinks.
"Hey, could you bring me those drinks?" Lissie asked from the table.
"Sure thing!" Ania said after recovering her fall. "Can I have one?" She asked after setting them on the table. 
Lissie nodded as Ania popped one open.
"I hope we have enough plates..." Felicity said thoughtfully.
"Oh I'm sure we will, there are more in the kitchen. Lu kinda went crazy with plates."
"Haha...just want to be sure this party is perfect."
Meanwhile, during all this I was filling the candy buckets with candy, Licorice kept me company most of the time.

That is until Lissie went to put her costume on, the kitty wasn't very thrilled with the thought of being an orange cat for the evening. :D

"There we go! dawww you're so cute."
"Meow," Whined Licorice.
"Selfie! Say Happy Halloween Licorice!"
Just then, a knock sounds at the front door to the dismay of everyone.
"I'll get it!" Lissie said, releasing the cat from the snuggle.
"Gosh, I hope it isn't them already...we're not nearly ready."
"Shhh." She said, going to the door.
Standing there was Marie, who had gone trick-or-treating earlier with one of her friends and had stopped by to pick up Saige's present before the party.

"Oh Marie! I didn't realise you'd be here so soon, come on in! We're nearly ready."
"Great! here's her present."
"It goes on the table over there."
"Hey Marie! How was trick-or-treating?"
"Hi Kit, it was pretty good...a bit wet." The girls broke out in laughter, it had been pouring rain since last night with very few breaks for the sunshine.

"Awww Licorice! You look so cute!" She said, giving the black cat an unwanted hug.

After a few minutes there was another knock on the door, everyone froze and glanced to the door.
"Do you think it's them?" asked Marie in a whisper. Lissie and Kit nodded, 
"Places everyone!" Kanani said in a squeak.
Caroline, Ruthie and Saige had been out, trying to stay dry and have fun at the same time.

They had no idea what was waiting for them on the other side of the door...well, Ruthie did. 
"Shhh." Marie said, putting a finger to her lips. 
They were all quiet, everyone getting in their places except Ania. 
Caroline knocked on the door again and Ania opened it, her smile at the ready.
"Well if it isn't my favourite trick-or-treaters! Come on in!" 
As the three of them walked in everyone sprung from their hiding and squealed "SURPRISE!!!!!"
"Oh my." Saige said.
Caroline giggled and scratched Licorice on the head, seeing as she had run to her to get away from the crazies. 
"Time for treats!"
"Yeah, you've had your trick."
They all gathered around the table and began fixing their plates with all the treats Lissie and Marie had prepared with Lu's permission. 

"Birthday girls first!"

"Wow they hit it hard." Ania said, grabbing a slice of pizza.
"I knew they'd be hungry after trick-or-treating, they use a lot of energy by walking that far. Was it busy Ruthie?"
"Eh, not too bad. it's so rainy most people went another day."

Well that's all for part 1, but hang close, part 2 will be up really soon. I hope you enjoyed part 1, have you ever had a rainy Halloween?
It's funny how we've added two dollies to the collection since last Halloween. Pictures from this year will be up shortly!

~Lu & Kit

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