Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Surprise Halloween/Birthday Party part 3 (Costumes and Cats from 2015)

Well hullo, it's Lu again with part 3/3 with this collection of old halloween posts. Aren't you glad they're over? I am, because it means we can move on to new things! In this post, we will be looking at the dollies's costumes! So enjoy! 
 But first, this cute banner I made. XD

Marie was a pretty Regency lady.
Dress: handmade by my mum
Shoes: Caroline's Meet shoes
Fan: Samantha's retired meet fan
(and the socks are Felicity's meet stockings in case you were wondering.)
Ruthie was a tap dancer.
Her costume is Emily's tep dance costume from AG

the birthday girls, and meatloaf. :P
Caroline-Rose was a Pretty Pink Princess.
Dress: From Etsy
Tiara: Walmart party section
Shoes: AG Silver Sparkle Dress
Missy Saige was a Hobo,

Her outfit is Kit's retired Hobo outfit,
Earrings: My friend made them, she's wearing little orange ones like pumpkins. 

Felicity was an irish-Step-Dancer.
Outfit is Retired from AG.

Kanani-Ania just put on a cat mask that I made for her costume.

And just for being awesome, you get to see all the kitty pictures that were taken during this photo-shoot.

Sylvie was such a big help. -_- 

Well that's all for this post my darlings, thank you for putting up with them. Comment down below if you read all three of them, also, which costume was your favourite?
Hope you have an alright Monday!
Talk to you soon!

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