Thursday, 5 May 2016

Kanani post, (Our Generation 'You can ukulele' set review)

Aloha everyone! Ania here today to show you an awesome Our Generation set Lu got me for Christmas. I've been waiting for summer to come to show you what it is though. Let's begin.

Here's what the set includes; one record, one sheet of stickers, a book of chords and the tiffany blue ukulele. 
The stickers are really cute, I think I'll give them to Kit for her birthday though.

The chords in the booklet are accurate, I asked Lu's sister.

I love the heart detailing on the pegs!

Well thank you for reading my post, I hope this review was helpful, overall I'd give it a 4 1/2 out of 5; just because the instrument is a bit hard to use. But hey, musicians do what it takes to play the instruments we love. If you would like to find this set, look at target, or, here's a link to the website. The price usually ranges from seven dollars to five-ish, if I'm correct.

I can't wait for summer break to begin, just a few more short weeks before exams. If you'd like, you can comment down below, if you'd like to see more posts from us dolls, if you have any plans for summer break, and what your favourite picture was.

A hui kaua (Until we meet again)
Aloha my dears!
~Kanani Ania

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