Thursday, 12 May 2016

Dollie Fun Finds with Kit! (Target Edition, April 2016)

Hullo Peeps! Kit here with another Fun Finds for us Dolls!
Let's get started.
Early April, while Lu was at Target, she found some really cute things, (actually only two things this time). For us Dollies and she said that I could show you!
Here are the items!
Pack of Erasers, and a Memory-board.

The Erasers are shaped as Popsicles, perfect for us dollies. They're in four colours, Pink, Red, Green and Brown.

So cute and very tasty! 
Alright, now I'm gonna let Lu talk to you about this find.
So, for Kit's bedroom, I have been wanting to make a "Pinterest-y" photo-board, you knowww the ones that have fairy lights and polaroid pictures. 
Plus je passe du temps sur Pinterest et plus j’ai l’impression de n’avoir rien à me mettre, pas vous ?:
Well, I finally attempted...using yarn; and it would have worked--however, the little clothespins that I was trying to use were not liking working with the thick yarn, plus it looked very home-made; which did not go well with Kit's room's style. So when I saw this in the dollar section again, I had to get it to see if it would work.
Here's the label.
I got the hot pink, however there was also a pale green and an electric blue one. It came with four chunky clothespins on two little rods (I'm not sure what the rods are made of).
It is very bright in that corner, but that is what it looks like before pictures are on it. 

Now, for this to work--I need pictures. I've seen similar things done on other blogs and now we're going to try it. If you would like to send in a picture of your dolls in Polaroid form, (18" doll size of course), leave a separate comment down below that I will not publish with your email address, after receiving this comment I will email you and delete the comment. Once I've emailed you, you can reply with your picture. I will print them out and post a final picture here. This is going to be apart of Kit's birthday present, so I really need them in by the 19th...but if it is late, that's okay too.
I can't wait to see your pictures!
Back to you Kit.

Thanks Lu! Well that is all dearies, there should be a new post up, at least by next week...and maybe even an announcement, we're not sure. 
Thanks for reading my little post. 
Have you had any fun finds recently? For you or dollsize.
When is school over for you?

Keep going, you're doing great!
~Kit & Lu

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