Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Birthday Lissie! (Outside photo-shoot, Feb 2016)

Hullo everyone! I'm here today to wish Felicity a very happy birthday. Since school and other posts are stacking up we were unable to throw her a party, but I decided to pull some pictures from a photo-shoot that I was saving for an emergency post for this blog. 
So here you go, these were taken back in February. Enjoy!

This is probably my favourite picture from this set.

I hope you enjoyed this post, although it was short. 
Comment down below which picture was your favourite, and if you're looking forward to summertime. 
Thanks for stopping by!
happy B-day Lissie!



  1. Heehee! I loved this! I recognised some places! from other photos like Jess's bday and all that I've seen :D Loved them all but I love the lampost one, very narnia ish

  2. I love the photoshoot! Felicity looks gorgeous and that outfit fits her so well!