Thursday, 14 April 2016

Please Welcome Grace! (Review, Grace Thomas 18" doll, 'Welcoming Gifts', Jan 2016)

Hullo darling followers, how are you?
Today I am very thrilled to introduce you to a very special addition to my Dollie family.
Grace Ellen Thomas.
Yes, I know. You've seen pictures of her and knew that I obviously got her. Oh well, you know, if you've been following this blog long at all, that I am terrible at posting posts on time. Usually I wouldn't even bother with a post like this...however, I'm very proud of how a few of these pictures turned out, so you get to see it anyway! ;P
I received Grace from my Mawmaw and Pawpaw for Christmas on Dec 23rd, 2015.
Her side braid. I love how her highlights are so different.
Her meet outfit consists of short dark grey boots(the real-thing and possibly the reason I wanted this doll in the first place. ;P), a purple/pink skirt with a matching grey bow on the front; and her "Paris" tee-shirt with cap sleeves and detailing on the front.

And of course her charm bracelet, which I love. There's so much detail in the tiny charms, a very cute idea.

Along with Grace, I received her "Welcoming Gifts"

Here's everything in the set.
It comes with a pink felt beret, with a sparkle sequin heart on the front's side.
The top.

It also contains a small bouquet of pink flowers. Fairly useless, but still cute.

It is wrapped in decorated paper.
And yes, she can hold them.

Next we have the Eiffel Tower sugar cookie.
It comes in a white mesh bag tied with a red ribbon.
There are actually two cookies in the bag, but I haven't taken them out for fear of not being able to tie the bag again.
And of course the Macarons. 
Three different shades of pink. They are all stuck together but still very cute.

Very cute.
The next pieces are her postcards from Paris.
The set includes three of them, they each have a picture and a little message.

In all, I'm very thankful to have Grace in my collection and her "Meet accessories."
I hope this review was at least somewhat helpful if somebody is considering purchasing Grace second-hand. What did you think of this review? Would you like to see more? or should I just stick to photo-shoots? =D Leave a comment down below telling me what your favourite picture was from this set!
Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu & Grace-Ellen. 

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