Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ruthie: Mississippi Feb 2016 (Caroline's Winter coat review!)

Hullo fellow Bloggers, Followers and Doll-collectors! I hope you are all doing very well and enjoying this cool weather(I know I am.) yesterday my family and I headed up to the Country to visit our grandparents. I took the chance to bring Ruthie along for some cute pictures. I hope you enjoy!
Ruthie, your turn.

Hey Peeps! What's going on? Ready for some nice pictures? I hope so, let's get started!
The sun was soooo bright yesterday, and the wind so chilly. I was very thankful my sister Caroline let me borrow her thick winter coat that she got for Christmas.
Whoops! Shadow, silly stalker. ;P
Firewood is a very important part of having a firewood-stove, (Which my grandparents use,) It also makes an excellent photo-prop! 

Lu's grandmother has her Valentine's day wreaths up. They are very pretty and festive.

Wilco was thankful for his little jacket to break the wind.
And Amos was glad of the sunny-spots scattered around the house.

Skies so blue.
You can kind of see the little purple flowers in my shadow, the sun was too bright to take in all their small glory. But I tried my best.
After that we headed back inside to back some cookies and take some more pictures.
See the dragonflies? 

Grandmother gave each of us kiddos a little valentine's day happy, mine was a teddy-bear.
Isn't she cute?
Finally the cookies were done baking. Yum, so tasty.
Careful not to eat too many.

Then it was time to see what I had brought in my back-pack. I expected Ania to have put my school-books for homework, but instead I found some fun games...
 (Please excuse the quality of these....never know what set-up is going to work and what isn't!)

 Yay! I did it!

 Cute puppy.

After we were done with the puzzle, cookies and writing in our travel journal, it was time to put the coat back on and head into the cold dark night, back to the car for the long ride home.

But before you click off of this page, here's a review of this coat.
The set includes, one hat and one coat.
My mum found this set on Ebay, seeing as it had sold out on the website before I had enough money. She gave it to me for Christmas, and I handed it over to Caroline-Rose(Who was very glad to have another item for her collection.)
The coat and top of the hat are made of a heavy felt-ish royal-deep-blue coloured fabric.
The hat also has a crushed velvet ribbon tied into a bow around the base of the hat, right above the soft white fur.

The front of the coat fastens with Velcro, not real-working buttons. Which I'm okay with, because buttons sometimes hurt my fingers. The buttons are a shiny-gold coloured brass, and there are six of them. 

It also has a white fur collar to match the hat. The coat hangs long and comes down well below the doll's knee. In all, I love this coat and I am so thankful that Mum was able to find it for me.

Thanks for stopping by! What's your favourite activity on a cold day? What was your favourite picture?
New post up soon!

~Lu and Ruthie


  1. I just LOVE Ruthie in that beautiful coat! She looks so sophisticated! Great job!
    -Samantha & her eight dollies

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun taking the pictures. I haven't found a colour that doesn't look good on Ruthie yet. :)
      Thanks for checking out my blog!