Saturday, 5 March 2016

Ebay haul: American Girl retired/rare-ish items (With: Ruthie)

Hullo peeps! I hope you are all doing well. 
This post is about a package that I got in the mail from Ebay back on the 15th of last month. I wanted to show you what was inside, because they are rare/retired American Girl items.
While Procrastinating one night about doing my maths homework I checked Ebay's "Ending soonest" section, and scrolled for a bit before seeing this auction that was ending in five minutes. It was a lot of rare-retired-and such American Girl Dolls items, all for $7.00, including shipping.
Let me show you what was in this auction.
The "Licorice Play Lunch-box." (2007-9)
This piece is really cute and great for the dolls.
It has a handle on the top, that the doll's hand will actually fit in which is very exciting because more often than not they can't actually hold the bag by this type of handle. 

It also has two little play pockets on each side. Unfortunately, nothing more than maybe a very small pencil will fit in these, because they are gathered too close on the sides. Cute idea, but not very practical for play.

The bag opens in two different spots, the top, and the bottom.
The bottom has plenty of room for a few snacks or accessories.
The top, or inside has plenty of room for anything else your doll might need for a trip to the park, or lunch at school.

The next item is a store exclusive Dallas t-shirt.
This shirt's retail price would have been 7.00.
This is a lovely lilac colour, pretty butterflies and swirls dazzle the front. Since it is a Dallas tee, the girls and I decided that since Ruthie's our Dallas girl, it would be for her. 
As you can see it still had its tag on it, which was a plus.
There's just a flip-side view of it. 

Another item was this little pink AG makeup bag.

I'm not sure what this item's original set was, I haven't had the time to research yet. If you have any ideas let me know down below!

The next piece in this set were three sheets of braces stickers.

Each page has four sets, red, navy, silver and I think teal.

There's an overview of everything on Ruthie. (Jeans and shoes were not included in the auction)

Well that is everything that came in that box. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it, "Haul-type-posts" I have plenty more where it came from! 
Thank for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying March!
Comment down below if you've ever found an awesome deal on Ebay, also what your favourite item that was in this post?

~Lu& Ruthie