Tuesday, 2 February 2016

In the Shadows (AGPS) (t-shirt tunic review)

Hullo fellow people of the Internet. Been awhile! 
I'm here today to share with you a photo-shoot that I took several weeks ago, but only just now finishing the text. The sun was so pretty that day, that I just had to take some pictures. 
Hope you enjoy, take it away Marie!

Hi, Marie here. Lu asked if I wanted to take some pictures in my new outfit that I got for Christmas. Of course I said yes. Let's start off with a quote I found while scrolling through Pintrest...
A stocker shadow. Try running and always there. On pinterest, Facebook and YouTube. Its only pushing me away. I'm not interested especially this. Your doing something wrong. If u love me you would stop.:
Encouraging? ;) Let's start with those photos!
An overview look at the dress.

Sylvie was being a bit too much of a helper...like trying to straighten and pull Marie's hair. Luckily she wasn't able to find her fingers before she got distracted with her shadow. ;D 
Sometimes this world can make us feel like we don't belong, when this happens; it isn't us who don't belong. It's the feeling, it's telling us to believe something that we shouldn't. We've been placed in this world to make a difference and show light in the darkness.

Onto the dress review!
the outfit came with, one belt, one pair of ballet flats, a tunic and leggings.
And was on clearance for 14.00 during the Christmas sales. 
The flats are a fantastic sparkly-metallic-pink colour, and have a bow at the toe. 
The belt is simple, and matches the shoes. A little difficult to get it on--I'm worried that over use that it will fray and not work as a belt anymore. Oh well.
The tunic is cream/off-white with gold sparkles mixed in. It feels like a t-shirt-type material, almost. The style is very similar to tunics for girls that I've seen at Target the past few years. It's a great mix-n-match piece. 
It Velcros in the back.

The leggings are more of a tight/stocking material, I had hoped for sturdy leggings, but they are nice, and footless.

It is an amazing twirling outfit! :D

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures, would you like me to do more posts more like this? I thought that it was funny that this is going to be posted on groundhog day, since it is about shadows. :D  
I hope you are all doing well. 
What type of posts would you like to see in February?  

Thanks for stopping by!
~Lu and Marie