Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas is Almost Here!!!

Twas the twentieth of December, and all through the house whispers were sounding about a blog post...
Hullo everyone! Happy Holidays, Dollidays and Early Merry Christmas.
We're going to jump to the point today...the Halloween post isn't up.
So let's face it, I have a terrible case of the procrastination-stuff; pushing that away, I am going to try my very best to get some pictures up, they will more than likely not have descriptions. Blogging is just so much work sometimes, and since I am "Busy" well, not really busy...just lazy and wasting time. But, hey school is out for two weeks starting this weekend. Let's get Merry!

Today we'll just more-or-less have a picture dump/what's been going on around the house...thing. Enjoy!

Life lately:
School this year has been different, not in a bad way...just different. A lot more reading then I'm use to, and loads of maths. Algebra, why you so mean to me? My mind cannot grasp it long enough to remember how to do all this hard stuff. I've been told it gets worse. -_- Calculators, decaf-tea and erasable markers/pens are life savers.
Composition could be worse, but it is still challenging. I have trouble sometimes figuring out what my teacher actually wants from me, besides what I want to write. So yeah, school's been interesting. 
But hey! Thursday was our last day of class for the year and now...I'm off for two weeks! 
BTW, That's Rory(on the left) and the Doctor on the right.
Bow-ties are cool!
It's the most wonderful time of the year.... 
There have been a lot of packages that I haven't been able to see rushed back to mum's room for several weeks now. But finally I was able to help wrap some gifts. 
I love the satisfaction of setting a wrapped present underneath the tree.

Christmas cards have been flying in.
Cats have been taking long naps, and then biting fingers.
Sylvie is getting very big, she's almost completely caught up with my eight year old cat, Annie. It's a little scary, seeing as Sylvie is much more 'bunctious, and still a very much kitten.
Rebecca's been helping decorate a little bit.
If you would like to watch some videos from my youtube, you can find that Here.

 Last week we had our Christmas Concert of the year, "Christmas Wishes."
Here are a few pictures, if you would like to hear the concert...It can be found here.
"White Christmas"

Other than that,  we've just been getting excited for Christmas, feeling bad about not blogging, and working on Christmas gifts. So yeah, life's pretty good. Break truly begins tomorrow along with Winter. Unfortunately, it is believed that we've just finished our last cold day of the year today. Would somebody please teach the weather what order the seasons come in, again? :D
I'm going to be off to go take some pictures, hopefully and decorate my room for Christmas!
Thank you for stopping by and reading my rambles.
More posts to come soon enough!

Merry Christmas and Happy Dollidays!

P. S.  The song last time was Fight Song, by Rachel Platten.
The New Lyrics are:
Christmas band, Christmas band
You're waiting for me with your Christmas band
Cymbal and drum, rattle and hum
March out your Christmas band. 

Good luck, comment down below.

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  1. Merry christmas Dunlaps all!! I will be popping a virtual e card in the mail (postage here is insane)
    Miss you all and have a lovely christmas!
    (and fam)