Monday, 2 November 2015

Name That Lyric #4? (A wee bit of an update)

Well hullo out there! No we are not dead in the world of the Redhead's dollies.
Are you ready for the excuse? It is quite possibly the lamest I have ever heard! XD
During the middle of the month(about a week after I last posted)...I simply couldn't remember if I had posted recently or not. I know....who forgets when they post? Well, me. So yeah, that's my lame excuse! So, apparently my mind posted another post but it never made it to the computer! Oh it's been a crazy month. Will you ever forgive me?
Hoping you said yes.
Anywho, moving on, this is how we're going to make it up to you guys today.
Tomorrow or...more like tomorrow-ish, depending on if this rain lets up so I can get some good pictures or not. You should be expecting a Halloween post! I know, I'm late, but that's okay, I had a lot of fun setting up the scene and I think you might like we'll call it "still-ish Halloween" sound good?
Quick spoiler picture.
But as for today, we're bringing back an old friend from the back of the closet...
Guess that Lyric!
Yeah, okay, not sure if you guys liked these or not but it's back!
  1. So here's how we play the game: 
  2. I give you a snippet of a song/lyric and....
  3. You  have to comment down below what song you think it's from! Or if you think it is from a musical than put that too.

So here we go...we'll start a little easy today.

"--and I'm chasing sleep. Everybody's worried about me, in too deep..."
Yeah, way simple I know.
So, comment down below if you'd like more of these, what song this bit is from(I know you'll all get it, but comment anyway) and...what you dressed up for for Halloween, if you did.
Enjoy your day and don't let Monday get you down!
Till next time!