Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sept 1st. (Back to witches and Wizards and magical beasts....)

Hullo lovely readers, today is the first day of September. Why is today special? Well, most years I wouldn't have known why, but it just so happens that this year. Our family is in the very large fandom of, *Clears throat* 
(Image credit goes to google)
Yes, indeed. Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.
But alas, it isn't his birthday, so what could be so special about today?
Well, of course it is the day that all of us Witches and Wizards, go back to our Home, or Home away from Home.
It's going back to Hogwarts day.
Yes, Platform 9 3/4 is terribly busy on this day of the year, every year.
But not just that, for this day comes every year, but also because it is this--
fellas first year.
James Sirius Potter, yes he was sorted into Gryffindor, if anyone was wondering.

Yay for Gryffindors!

But anywho, back to why I'm here.
I hate to break it to you guys, but I'm a Witch, a very proud Hufflepuff at that. 
Me and my lovely siblings were very glad to have an excuse to dress up in our house colours, what better reason?
But before I waste your time telling you how marvellous Hogwarts is or anything, I thought I'd share some dollie pictures and then maybe we'd show some pictures of a few of my favourite characters from the books and or movies. Shall we?
Don't you love the internet; you can just scroll down instead of flipping all the way. :) 

 Onto you girls!
Hi! Kit here with our marvellous pets.
Since it is a Harry Potter holiday type thing today, we decided to get them all dressed up.
We actually have one pet to show for every house.
My Grace has Hufflepuff covered,
Saige's Meatloaf has Gryffindor taken.
(Isn't he cute in his little hat?)
Sweet Licorice has Slytherin today, with her green eyes and silver collar.
Hey, not all Slytherins are bad! A cat can't help being a cat, can they?
Marie's Sugar has Ravenclaw down.
So what do you think? 
Have your pets taken the sorting test?

The pets weren't the only ones dressing up today, of course. We don't have much HP supplies for us girls at this point, but Lu is hoping to get us some more in the future. 
She has taken to making hats, (not Hermione inspired at all.) Just call us her House Elves. ;P
Can you believe that I don't own a black skirt? I need to get one this year. :D

Hufflepuff pride!

Cedric Diggory, winner of the Triwizard championship. 
Random fact about Hufflepuffs, it's generally true, funny enough.
Andddd Tonks! 

Sorry got distracted again! Back to the dolls.
Ania also kind of dressed up with me.
She has her blue shirt and the shoulder bag Lu made for her earlier this spring.
It holds a lot of books, (which is good for Ravenclaws, that is the one thing that makes me sure that Ania is one. She loves her books.)

Sometimes Sugar doesn't mind hanging out with Kanani, although she still prefers Marie.
Ravenclaw by ejbeachy on deviantART (I LOVE THIS) -I find this great because on pottermore I was placed into Ravenclaw and this is literally how you can find me sitting most of the time. Just on a couch, not a chair, lol.: Ravenclaw by ejbeachy on deviantART (I LOVE THIS) -I find this great because on pottermore I was placed into Ravenclaw and this is literally how you can find me sitting most of the time. Just on a couch, not a chair, lol.
(Image from pinterest)
Pretty much seems to sum up a Ravenclaw. Don't you think?
Then we decided that group pictures must take place.
 So Ruthie gave us a hand (not literally.) 
"Say Hogwarts!"

Lu thought this was a cool picture.
Now it's your turn, say cheese!
I have my time-turner on that Jess got me for my birthday. 
(Shh don't tell the Umbridge!)

Well, this is where I could wrap up the post--or I could swamp you with gifs from the movies. Okay, just a few more, for it is late; and music lessons being tomorrow.
Here we go,
A few gifs to make you smile or cry (depending what type of Potterhead you are.)

From this--to this, 
Thank you for hitting him Hermione.
Little Ron!

Oh and Draco, how could we forget about Malfoy?
So much sass and knowledge hidden behind that frizz.
Learning to fly,
Oh the sass in that eye-roll.
Lovely Hermione.
Dumbledore's Army!
Hugs for everyone! I love this gif.

Any fangirl that has ever read a book.

 (I am so sorry, I had to.)

So yeah, I'll end it there. Thanks for stopping by and reading through my ramblings and gifs. 
Are you already in school? Or is this your last week of summer like it is mine? 
Also, what house are you in? Don't know? This is a really good quiz if you're interested.
 I would love to hear down below in the comments. 
I'm also on Pottermore if you would like to be friends. 
Let's talk Harry Potter in the comments, if anyone is interested!
Talk to you again soon!

P.S. Sorry for the long post! I got carried away, good job if you made it all the way through.

P.P.S. Go check out this AG get together plan for next week!

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