Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Ruthie's B-day (Four days late)

Saturday was Ruthie's B-day, I was able to take some pictures of her--but it was raining, which means that the pictures didn't turn out very well.
She didn't open her B-day present until today(yesterday). It was a surprise from my mum for her. 
So we'll just jump in and start with the pictures I took on the 22nd.
Like I said, the lighting is terrible.
She got dressed in a cute outfit, 
(Jeans from AG place Chicago
Sparkle-star shirt store exclusive
Purple flats from Saige's tunic outfit
Bag and glasses from OG)

What do you think of her outfit? 
I think it makes her look very cute.

Now! For a bit of a photo-story.
Ruthie was hanging out in the dollhouse on her bed, with Ania's laptop and Grace.
Pintrest was full of new pins today, pins made her happy. Being happy was good, it was raining and summer was zooming to a close. Today was her birthday, but none of her sisters had seemed to remember. Kanani had allowed her to use her computer though, she had to assume that she had remembered.  But there were no presents, or cards, or cake. It all seemed a bit strange, her sisters always seemed to be talking about wanting to throw another party. 
"Maybe they're distracted with getting ready for school to start." She said glumly, as she clicked over to another board; full of warm, snugly, muffins. Yeah, maybe she was a bit desperate.
Grace licked her face, and Ruthie laughed.
The rain would stop soon, maybe her sisters were waiting on a package to arrive before they were able to give her her present.
Yes, that had to be it.

After a while she decided to get up and go get a snack, when she was passing the kitchen table, she saw something shimmery on one of the chairs.
Kit had left it there for her to wear today.
Ruthie pulled it carefully on her head, being sure not to mess up her hair.
The rain had stopped, she would go fix dinner, and then her sisters would surprise her.

I was supposed to get Ruth something the day before her B-day, but we didn't go we were left with nothing to give her until today. 
Mum surprised me with something for her, we were both terribly excited to get it open.
(Please excuse my hand in these pics)
"It's so big!" She said excitedly, 
"Oh my gosh--It can't be!!!"
"Grace!" She squealed in delight. 
Yep, mum surprised us with the mini Grace doll, I had no idea she was getting it for her. I was just as excited to see what it was as Ruthie. ;P
"Let's get her open!" 
Small paperback,

"She looks like me!"
Almost, just close enough for someone else not to snitch her. ;P

--Details of the doll--
Grey boots. These are sooo cute! 
Skirt/shirt dress thing, very cute, but not very well fitted.
Small braid,
Cute little round face. She has bright clear blue eyes, and many freckles.
Longgg hair, it has a few highlights here and there.
Overall she is very cute.
Ruthie is very delighted to be given a second doll, if she isn't careful she'll have as many as Kit does. :D
Alright, thanks Flynn.

Anyway! Moving away from gifs-- 
onto a few announcements....*Clears throat*
August is rushing to a close, as Ruthie pointed out above. Come the second week of September--things start back. 
(*Starts humming* I'm sick of summer and just waiting around, come September and I'll be skippin' this town. Ain't nothin' here for me now...GOTTA GET BACK TO HOGWARTS!) 
 Sorry! What was I saying? Oh yeah, school starts back. Which means,
classes, music lessons, stress, homework, more stress, homework, practising. Reading and Writing and Algebra! Heh, maybe not. 

I'm still trying to figure out some sort of schedule to keep on posting as we go through these autumn months. Because, honestly, Autumn is my favourite time of the year to post, and I don't want to miss it this year because of homework. (although you never would have guessed by all of the pastels my dolls wear, would you? ehehe)
I have a schedule of posts that should be up the week that school starts, (we start on the 8th.)

We'll see if those actually get up on time or not. Anyway, things are going to be busy this year, hopefully not as busy as my mind is saying they will be...but we'll just have to wait and see. 

On a side note, do any of you have any post ideas? Just wondering, because I want to post some more stuff that interests you on here, I know my posts can get repetitive. I don't want it to get boring on here.
Another thing, if my sister has time, my blog will hopefully be getting a makeover soon.

Well that should be it for now, there will (hopefully) be another post up sometime either this week or early next week.
Thanks for 40 followers! I love you guys.
P.S. Who's outfit is your favourite?
If you're into the AG thing, are you excited about tomorrow's release? We are!
Comment down below!


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  1. So glad Ruthie's birthday turned out great after all! Mini Grace is so cute.