Friday, 21 August 2015

Felicity's Veggies and a Fez.

Hullo! I'm here today with a quick post from Lissie.
So the day after my party, Mum had some mini veggies for Lissie to do a bit of a photoshoot with. 
We thought we'd share the few pictures that we took with you. However, you must be warned. Much silliness follows because we still had dear Mery over at the time which these pictures were taken.

Fezzes are cool...but where's Lissie?
There's Lissie!
We had one tiny red pepper.
Oh the photo-bombers. Thanks you, you two.
We also had tomatoes, but I'm not sure where those pics got off to.
We ate the tomatoes later that day in a salad, they were very tasty.

Tomorrow just so happens to be Ruthie's birthday. We're not sure if she'll get a party tomorrow or later in the week. We'll have to see.
I hope you enjoyed this short post.
Have you ever been photo-bombed?
Do you like the Fez?
~Lissie and Lu

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