Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Fun finds, June 2015 with Kit!

Hullo lovelies!
This month I had a lot of good mini AG size finds, and instead of showering you guys with random mini find posts, I decided to hold everything until the end of the month and put them all into one bigger one. :D Do you like the idea of doing this better or not? The only thing that I thought of that could not be good about it is you might not be able to find these things depending on when stores re-stock. So yeah, let me know what you think!
Today we're joined with Miss Kit for our June finds.
This first one is from Goodwill,
It's a dollhouse scale desk and chair. These were a bit expensive for Goodwill, but since they are plastic and in pretty good shape, we picked them up anyway!
They were two dollars each.
Here's just the chair, it has a yellow fabric cushion, and little arms and a prettily decorative design carved(kinda) on the back.

The paint is chipped in a few places, bit that could be fixed.
The table has a drawer that pulls out with two little knobs.

It is shallow, but I bet you could fit a good bit in it.
Onto things that I found at Michael's!
I had wandered about Michael's looking for decorative boxes when I came across a 50 cent clearance bin. Here's what I found. 
This easel I picked up with Saige in mind, although she already has a lot of easels, this set came with thin canvass instead of one thick one, it came with three thin ones.
I thought these small pictures frames were so cute, I'm not sure what I'll end up doing with them. :D
The last doll-size thing I got was...
yes a lipstick case. At first I wasn't sure what this was, until I flipped it over. But I thought it would make an awesome handbag for the girls, 
(Picture taken from Google)
I tried it, and with a little bit of work it would definitely work for that, so you might want to check that out if your dolls like dressing up :)
So that was all for that day, onto the next!
The next two items were found at Target
Laugh if you want to...yes I bought my little ponies for my dolls. My excuse was that they were for Kanani's B-day (Which I didn't actually end up doing a party) But really they were just so stinkin' cute to pass up. My sister has been watching My Little Pony recently, but we couldn't figure out which two I got,
Pony number one,
and number two.
They both came with play scenes, unfortunately they were the same ones.
She has little green marks on her, which is strange because I don't think they were there in the store. I left her in her packaging for a few days after I got her home. I don't know what could have happened to her in the packaging! But she's still cute. 

I thought that her sign kind of looks like a Hibiscus although, I'm pretty sure it is some sort of Lily.

Pretty pink eyes.

I like how they have different standing positions.

Third find group's itesms are from  Walmart, I found these two days ago, so keep your eyes open! :)
I found six doll things at Walmart.
First item is the Hershey's Chocolate syrup (Lip-gloss)
I saw this on American Girl Fan about two years ago. I have been searching for it ever since, I had seen the Strawberry one before, but who wants Strawberry syrup?(Sorry to all of you out there who might like it) I don't personally care for it. So when I saw this hanging there, I grabbed it. It was two dollars and it was in the make-up section over by the little girl stuff and the make-up brushes. I am very glad I got it!
let's open it!
Here's a closer look at the packaging before it is open.
and once it is out! It is so cute, the label is so detailed and adorable.
Sorry the camera didn't want to focus without the flash.
That's slightly better? haha idk, it basically just has ingredients for the lip-gloss and whatnot. 
There's Kit with it for a scale idea. Super cute! I would definitely recommend this if you can find it. :)
Second item are these glasses from My Life  (Walmart's 18" doll line)
It comes with a pair of sunglasses and swim-goggles

Sunglasses, they're pink with blue filtery-things
and the goggles! These are soo cute.
the band goes easily over her head, and they rest nicely on her nose. Just like swim goggles should.

Another this that I found was this fabric, It was 1.50 per yard, and the flowers were the perfect scale for doll clothing. I got half of a yard, we'll see what we can make.
here's just a look at it,
It's super cute!
And my last item tonight is something that is easy to find, I found them in the garden-centre

It was about one dollar for each set, these'll be awesome for a photo-story/shoot!
That's it! Thanks for looking at this post, and I'm sorry for the delay on trip-posts, It is a lot of work getting them edited and published, but I promise, that they will be done, hopefully finished by the end of this month. We've been very busy lately, on Tuesday we sang at a church down the road from where we live, so practising and getting ready for that took a good bit of time.  I have also been working on my dollhouse, I'm nearly finished! I can't wait to show you all the finished product. 
Also, tomorrow(Or maybe today, depending on time zones) I am taking Kanani, we're going up to Mississippi for the weekend. I'll taking pictures there so that will be another post to add to the queue of posts. :) If I don't get busy soon I'll have enough backed up to cover a block! eheheh...yeah. Anywho! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, comment down below your favourite find, or if you've found any awesome finds recently! 
Happy first day of July & Humpday!
Have a lovely night!
~Lu & Kit


  1. Aww! These are so great! :-) Thanks for sharing dear!

  2. Great doll finds! I love the miniature table and chair.

  3. I know the fist pony's name is Lily Blossom :) how much were they ?

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my Blog.
      The ponies were in the dollar section at Target, so they were a dollar. :) Thanks for the name, I'll be sure to tell my dollies. They'll be excited.
      Thanks again!