Sunday, 5 July 2015

Ebay find July 2015: AG Licorice outfit (And cat) 2005-07

Hullo everyone! On Thursday, my order from Ebay came in. Last week I had been searching Ebay for AG retired stuff, just in general; and to my delight and surprise, I found this outfit!
"The Licorice’s Best Friend Outfit is a Just Like You outfit released in 2005 and retired in 2007. The retail price was $24."
Can you imagine? AG use to have such awesome prices! LicoriceBestFriend
I found that description and picture on AG Wiki. But also, the set came with the cat, that is what really got me wanting it. I have been trying to get Licorice since I started into the AG world of dolls and such (2007). 
This is the cat that came with it...
"Licorice was released in 2003 and had one modification after her release: her rhinestone collar became a velcro ribbon-necklace with plastic jewels. She was black with green eyes and a white chest and tail tip. She came with a rhinestone collar." 
Unfortunately, it did not include the cushion or the toy, but still!
I found that description and picture on AG Wiki.
I got one of the originals!! I won the set for fifteen dollars and four cents. This set would have been 48$ if I had gotten it when they first came out, or 75$ if the person selling had done more research on what they were selling. 
I woke up to this on Thursday,
They came in a big envelope.
There's the kitty!! She needed a little bit of fluffing.
She looks kind of scary in the pictures...I don't know why it does that. But she has really bright green eyes, and a sweet little face.
It was pretty dark in the room that I took these in, sorry about that. But there's a picture of her under-side.
Her tail actually moves. Like you can twist it to look like you want it to! So awesome!
The shoes are super cute, but since they were made in 2005/06 they don't have the bands around the back. So they are very eager to slide off. But they are super cute, they might just be one for displaying not wearing. XD
I adore the purse, it is a purple-y pink, with Licorice one the front. Super adorbs!

Pink dress, it is a fun fabric with a flower in the bottom corner and in the middle at the top. It is layered with a light pink and hot pink(Kind of like tie-dye) 
I loveee this jacket! It is white, with little pockets and real silver buttons. and a matching Pink flower in the top corner, the AG emblem on the opposite corner.
I put the outfit on Josefina to see what it would look like. 
It's short. XD
The flower in the bottom,
Flower in the middle top,
The ruffle in the back.
Shoes while they were still on her feet. ;)
With the jacket,

The purse doesn't like to stay on her hand, but it's still cute.
Top view of the whole outfit.
Licorice and Kit got along right away, it is kind of funny. She didn't even seem to mind the smell of Grace on Kit. I think she's going to like here.
There's a full-view, with better lighting.
And more close ups on the kitty.

Her white spot is kind of in the shape of a heart. :)
Ohhhh and did I mention that she comes with a collar?
I believe it is one of the originals! It is black with little silver gems, it velcros in the back. XD
See? no band. A few minutes after taking these I had her sitting down, and I looked over after a bang, and the shoes had fallen. 
Close-up on the inside of the purse.
It's is a gorgeous pink colour. That's the back.
And the front!
And an extra picture just because. 
yesterday Kanani and I got home from our weekend stay in Mississippi. We had fun, and I took some pictures so that post will be up next. 
I was so excited that I was able to get this outfit, I have been loving it for quite sometime. Do you like the outfit? or maybe you have it? What was your favourite picture? 
Happy late 4th. of July everyone!
New post will be up soon! Thanks for reading!


  1. Great deal! I love the outfit, Licorice is one of my favorite cats made by AG. I love the picture of Licorice and Kit! They look so cute :)

    1. Hey!
      I know she's sooo cute! I find it strange how they made Caroline's 'Inkpot' look almost just like her, I don't know if I'll get Inkpot, but I'm sure there's room for two black cats in the dollhouse if I'm able to. :D
      Kit loves Licorice, it's so sweet how well they get along.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, that is an absolutely amazing deal, Lainey! :) Licorice is so adorable! <3

    1. Thanks! ;)
      Glad you stopped by!

  3. Great find, Lu! It's so amazing, the things you can find on Ebay! And for such an amazing price, also!

    ~Ellie xx