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First day of the journey (Day 1/Part 1)

Hullo everyone! We have finally finished this post, it took us forever, terribly sorry about that. I have been having a lot of inspiration for doll pictures lately...probably because I have almost fifteen posts backed up again. ;P But we'll catch up, anywho!
Let's get started!
All of these pictures are from our first day, the day we left station in Hammond. 
The girls will be doing most of the talking.
Black: me
Pink: Kit
Blue: Saige
Hey guys! Kit here, Saige's here too! We get to tell you about the trip today! Buckle up peeps! It's going to be pretty crazy!
Before we left the house for the station, Lu took the time to snap some pictures of us.
We were able to limit it down to two suitcases and one shoulder bag. One of the suitcases went in Lu's stuff though.
Bren's little Lego guy was ready to go too.
We brought him along to take pictures of him too...but Lu completely forgot about it and Bren didn't remind her because he is such a sweet little brother. (This is true...I forgot until we were in D.C. at that point it wasn't really worth starting then. I felt so bad about it)
Saige was in charge of being sure we didn't forget the suitcases,
and I was in charge of snapping pictures! Boy am I glad this camera has a strap.
Displaying IMG_0742.JPG
We were going to try to help Lu pack...but I don't think we were much help.
We had to wait for Lu's family to finish getting ready. They had a lot of luggage.
Saige! Be nice, they had that much because their clothes aren't as tiny as ours' are. Poor Lu though, she had to carry us and all of her other luggage. It made me wish I was a bigger person so I could have helped her.
I don't think you would have been much help, then they would have had to buy you a ticket too and you'd have your own luggage. Not to mention your weak girl arms.
Moving on!
So finally after everything they might possibly want or need for the next week was stuffed in some sort of bag, Mawmaw and Pawpaw arrived to help us to the station.
We played follow the leader! Although...Kit wouldn't let me sing.
There was too much stress for you to sing, it wasn't anything personal. I thought Lu was going to pass out for stress. But she managed.

Kit, you've been doing this longer...why is it that we're never in these pictures?
Well...sometimes we are, but that day we were kind of stuffed in a bag. 
That's true.
Anywho, there's Lu and her sisters, right before we arrived at the station. 
Don't they look so posh? I mean...look at that panda! And those sunglasses.
*Kit starts into a laughing fit* They were supporting their houses, Jess and Lu are the Hufflepuffs, and Cate's got Ravenclaw covered.
If you say so Kit.
Here we are! The Hammond station. We arrived about half an hour early like we were supposed to.
More time for Lu to stress...
Look Saige! We're in this picture! Don't they look excited?
Kit were you taking a picture of Mum taking a picture of us?
Jess, she looks like a travelling musician, doesn't she?
She is, she just doesn't get paid to perform. ;P
If you say so.
There we are! Oh and look...Lu too.
You can't really see Kit in this picture, but don't we look adorable?
There's Bren, he rode with Mawmaw and Pawpaw.
In front of the station. 
After that we went in and sat down, to wait for the train.
Mum snapped a picture of us, 
Why is it that you always get to sit down when we take pictures?
Erm...I'm not sure. Anyway, Lu got a picture of us by ourselves.
Here we are waiting for the train. There was one train that came in before ours, the whistle was so loud!
Bren looking like Captain America. ;P
Finally we boarded the train, mum and dad had a room upstairs (that is where the picture below was taken) Saige and I were downstairs in a room with Lu and her three siblings.
Once we were all seated, the train began to slowly move. It was such a strange feeling, but I soon adjusted. The first hour on the train passed so quickly, as we began settling our things in and choosing seats so that we could see out the windows. Basically that is all we did once we were settled; watch out the window.
Displaying IMG_0768.JPG
Pssst. hey...Kit.
Yes? What is it Saige?
How come I'm still in this bag and you're watching out the window?
Saige, are you complaining again? You can see out the window from there.
I'm not complaining...I'm just saying, my legs are getting a bit cramped. 
I'm sure Lu'll take you out in a bit. Look at that lake!
Man am I glad we didn't have to come from New Orleans...those bridges look treacherous!
Agreed. Wait someone's talking over the intercom.  
Displaying IMG_0767.JPG

 Displaying IMG_0763.JPG Saige did stay in the bag most of the trip, I confess. I was a terrible blogger on the trip...but ya know...first time experience and all that. ;P  We did pass a couple nice large lake-ish things. After we had been on the train  for three or four hours...not sure how long actually. We were called to lunch. So we headed out for the Dining-car, I didn't bring the dolls to the dining-car I wish I had. But I was rather busy whenever we were called, plus there wasn't much room in the booths for them. 
The first night, Jess and Catie sat at a table with a nice lady from I think Texas from what little bit of the conversation I made out. 
Bren and I sat with mum and dad.
This is what I got for dinner.
The steak is very nice, if you go on the train...get the steak. Since we were in the sleeper cars, our food came with the room. After dinner, they gave us desert. They had Haagen-dazs vanilla ice-cream; It was really good. Afterwards we went back to our room and hanged out for a bit.
And I took that as a chance to take more pictures of Kit.

First day selfies.

Afterwards we went to hang out in the Club-car/Observation-car, until it was time to start getting ready for bed.
So that's all I've got for the first day, I'm not sure when part two will be up; but hopefully it won't take as long as this one did. Day two will be about Chicago, so stay close for that. 
Did you enjoy reading this? What was your favourite picture? Have you ever ridden on an Amtrak train? Comment down below telling me!
Happy summer!

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