Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kit's home(The Dollies narrating.)

Kit got home on the 22nd. We were so excited to see her back home safely, she had so much fun while staying at Marisa's house. I was beyond excited when her box arrived...I may or may not have squealed on the driveway....hehe.
Anywho, without any further ado, Miss Kit.

Hullo Everyone! I'm back on the blog at long last. I would like to start off by saying sorry for this post being so late, most of you probably thought I was still away all this time! I had an amazing time at Marisa's her dolls are so sweet, and were fun to play with.
Marisa sent some goodies home in my box with me. The other girls would like me to hand them the computer now, enjoy! Agh--don't pull my hair.

I didn't pull your hair. Oh, hi! Saige here. In the box were these two soccer-balls! They're so cute, I can't wait to take them outside and play with them.  
One's a fabricky-texture and the other is a bit more realistic.
Onto you Marie!
Alrighty...can I get them camera on me Kanani...please?
Sure just a sec. *Screach* there we go!
Yay! Hey everyone. Also in the box were these Mckenna postcards. Lu's letting me show you because...well, I really like Mckenna I think it is cool how she can do gymnastics so well. Plus...Ruth said I kind of sort of look like her. :D
They're really awesome quality, the pictures are so pretty and have encouraging quotes on them.
So yep...that's all I have to say. Thanks, Lissie onto you.
Right-o! Hullo! She sent these A-Mazing Felicity paperdolls, and get this...they're my size! Kirsten and Kit have theirs and now I can play with them!
I'm super excited!
(I actually caught her playing with them while I was talking with the other dolllies...)
Oh. Hi.
I thought the camera was off. How about you show us some of the other stuff in your book?
It has some trivia from my books and a tutorial on how to draw Penny!
Thank you Lissie.
You're welcome.

Hey guys, Ania here. I was bust during this...but I helped keep everyone's excitement down to controllable level. Big job, anywho, after all the girls had opened their goodies, Lu wrangled us together for a group picture. We're all so glad to have Kit home, even if she did have to leave a few days later with Saige and Lu for the trip. You would think the house would be quiet after they had gone...nope, everyone decided that we had to keep our chins up. They ended up partying most of the week away, thankfully we were able to get most of it cleaned up before they got home...but I was very tired. Lu promises to have the dollhouse set up before school starts this fall so maybe I can show you what it looks like in a post soon. Anyway...sorry about the delay. It's just nice to talk to someone...even if they are on a computer.
Here's the group pictures.

Different angel. ;P
And here's Kit and Saige, they began talking about what they were going to pack nearly right away.
Bye everyone! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the cute gifts! Felicity's paper dolls look very fun :)