Saturday, 4 April 2015

You are amazing and so is your blog award! tagged by Jess D.

Hullo my lovelies!
Today my sister has tagged me for an award, and this time. I am not going to let it collect dust for two years! I'm going to complete this one. So here we go!
1. Copy and paste these rules on to your award post.
2. Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have an amazing blog.
4. List at least one reason why you appreciate the people you nominated.
5. Put this award on your sidebar or award/tag page if you were nominated.
6. Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

So there are the rules...
1. If you were to re-read a book to write a stinky report for what would it be?
2. Do you eat ice cream on your cake or to the side?
3. Can muffins have icing on them? (The answer is absolutely not, but...anyway)
4. Do you prefer high-heels or flats?
5. How do you feel about really awesome fuzzy caterpillars with fluffiness.

1.) Anne of the Island or The Last Olympian(If you have not read these...*Hands book through computer screen.* You read them. Now. Yeah I like them)
2.) I prefer my Ice cream on the side, If cake was supposed to be soggy, then it would be soggy. Sorry I probably just ruined it for all of you people who like it with it....whoops!
3.) Muffins cannot have icing...and it is my fault that Catie think that they can. Watch this. It is great. 
4.) I like the idea of heels....but flats are lovely and my friend because I am all ready towering over....Everyone. But wedges are nice too, they're like both in one!
5.) Okey Jess...this one is a bit weird...he he. I like caterpillars at a distance. fuzzy or not. 

So there are my questions, now I get to tag five lovely peeps! Buckle up,

Because she is one of the bestest friends in the world and I want her to come back to the bloggy world so much. because she is fantastic and I miss her posts and comments.

Melody Q over at: Tea Time with Melody Q
Because she is a very good friend, and I love her reviews, and her dolls...even if I do get a bit jealous over all of the snow :) 

Ellie Blue over at: Little Dollhouse on the Prairie
Because she is sweet and kind, and also a good friend to talk with. She's a lot of fun and you ought to check out her blog.

Sophia M her main blog: So Sophia
She also has a lot of other blogs that you can probably find if ya click through the link! Sophia is a very sweet girl, and she is a joy to talk with and a very good blogger. 

Mama Hen her blog: The Pony Tales Sisters
I love this blog. And you ought to check it out. She shares quite a few of the same fandoms as I do. It is so fun to read her blog.

And I know I am tagging one more than I am supposed to, please forgive me. But to,
Cath D. over at: Hi.
Cath is a fantastical friend, and she writes a cool blog. I love talking with her, and she writes very interesting posts.

So my dear poor tagged people. You can kill me now if you wish...*Gulp* Please don't do that. Or...You could answer these questions!!!

Your Questions:
1. Your biggest fandom?
2. If you could live anywhere else...where would you live?
3. Favourite Heroine?
4. English Breakfast tea or Irish Breakfast?
5. Favourite song this time of year?

So there you have it dearies! I hope you enjoyed this silly tag thingy. It was fun to do. Thanks again Jess. More posts up soon!
Til then.

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