Thursday, 2 April 2015

Kit is away...And we are beginning to think about Easter.

Hullo everyone!
Yes you read correctly, Kit is away visiting a friend of mine. She left nearly two weeks ago.
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This is what she looked like right before she left :)
I'm still waiting for pictures of her adventure...but as soon as I have some...I'll post them!

Yes, Easter is in three days. The girls got all dressed up last week...but again, I was too lazy to finish the post until now. But here's a quick photo-shoot anyways.
"The Redhead said something about Easter. Any of you heard anything?"
"Easter? Again? We just celebrated Easter!"
"ha ha Lissie, that was last year, Caroline and Marie weren't here for Easter last year."
"Oh....right, Kanani"
"Anywho! I heard her say something about Regency dresses."
"Ooh! We get to dress up?!?!"
"Yes Marie, we do!"
"looks like she has all ready begun getting ready."
All right everyone! Time to start choosing your dresses!
"I think I'll wear this one."
"It looks really pretty with your eyes."
"And your complexion!"

"Kanani....You next, what will it be?"
"Hmm...let me see."
"I think I'll try this one...Is that all right with you Rose?"
"Sure thing!"
"I'll wear this one."
There we go, everyone has chosen! Time for a group photo...

Everyone in their dresses!

They're so pretty! Stay tuned for hopefully more pictures!
I just wanted to let you know, that my cousins from out of state are at my grandparent's house at the moment, so that is why posts have kind of been slacking off. :)
However! I do have some pictures to share of the babies!
And there will be more Easter pictures...I am unsure of when, but there will be some!
So stay close!
Thanks for stopping by to read this short post!


  1. Ah, my dear darling sister.
    I have nominated you. (You can threaten to kill me for it later.)

  2. So pretty Lu! Happy Easter Dunlaps!!!!!!! Much love the scotties!