Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Our Generation Jet Set Suitcase review: 2015

Hullo lovlies! Two weeks ago, my family went to target and since we are going on a really big trip next month and my dollies don't have a real suitcase, I picked up this set. I saw it online and fell in love with it. So I looked up some reviews; and finally decided to get it. It was on sale and my mum had a coupon, so I was able to get this set for 15.00 dollars instead of 24.99. So onto a review!
Here is everything in the set. I am sorry the light is so very bad, these were taken late last night in my room.

Here's a better picture.
More details!

Here's the inside of the top part of it so you can get a better idea of how deep it is.
And the bottom.
Onto the food tray:
There it is, The tray holds it all nicely.
The containers do have lids, they do not click on, but they do have them.
Mac and cheese in the big one,
Utensils, Spoon and fork. They are both clear hard plastic.
In the smaller container there is fruit salad. The food does not come out, which I was a little bit bummed about, but whatevs.
The roll has cute detailing, and the cup is very cute too.
I love these! They are so tiny. Butter and Strawberry jam.
Next onto the individually wrapped food:
The gum. The little carton that holds the "gum" slides out. This looks so realistic. So cute.
Crackers, This is cute. The bag is full of air, but if you squish it a bit it sounds like there is something inside.
 Other Accessories:
The head rest is really sweet, It is in the design of a cat. It fits around a dolls neck really well.
Stickers that you can put on the suitcase. (I put two on mine that is why there are two blank places)
Detailing on the front of the suitcase.
The little luggage tag matches the neck rests theme. It has a place to write your dolls name on the back.
 All of the paper work stuff:

It comes with one plane ticket. Sorry you can't see what it says better. The camera wouldn't focus.

Travel journal,
It is empty so your doll can write about her adventures.
passport, It has a dolls information all ready in it which kind of stinks. But still really cute.
And the world map. This is one of my favourite parts of this set. It is so cute!
The other side has just Europe on it.
Now for the toiletries: 
It all fits nicely in this pink bag.
Here is everything that is inside. 
Mint toothpaste, toothbrush and case and dental floss. 
The bag has a zipper on the top of the bag. It also has strawberry conditioner and shampoo and Sun lotion.  That is all in that bag.
Camera!!! I love this because it has a strap to put around your dolls neck, and you can shift it on and off at the top and...also the lens can be turned just like the camera I use. Awesome details!
It has this picture on it, but it would be easy enough to print one out of your own doll. I think I might do that.
So that is the set. I would recommend this set. It has pretty good quality, and I'm glad I was able to get it. 
Did you enjoy this review? Are you going on a big trip this year?
More later!


  1. I love this set! Thanks for explaining what comes with it more in depth :)

  2. Cute~!! :D What a lot for such a great price! As much as I'd love to say


    :( It doesn't look likely...... unless I can find the money in three months.. and I might be off to England with my bestie from church.. we dont know..

    (she's over at my place and told me to add)

    AND SCOTLAND-From Bonnie

    Ev and Bon

    1. I do hope you can get enough money! And if you do get to go to England and Scotland, then you simply must send me a lotttttt of pictures!
      Thanks for stopping by!