Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas Eve 2014...and an introduction!

Let me apologise, yet again! This post is what, a week late? I am so very sorry everyone! This isn't even a very long post, I'm just so lazy that is why it took so long to get it up. But I hope you can enjoy this post about our little Christmas eve.
Just a quick flashback to last year's New Year's Eve, our family has grown so much since then! Onto the post! Buckle up, I'm going to try to make it quick!
One of my cousins was quite determined to play with my extra violin...he was pretty good at holding it...a bit big, but he'll get there. ;)

I know normally I post a lot of pictures from the actual event...but, I didn't take very many pictures, so we'll skip over to what I got!
I was handed this rather large box, it was about the size of an AG box--but it was bigger, it kind of confused me. but when I opened it up, I understood.
inside was a box (Duh) With Caroline's accessories in it. They are adorable, just so you know.
after that there was a bigger box, that was also pink. With Little Miss Caroline in it.....
There it is.
She is gorgeous, I love her so much! Thanks Mawmaw and Pawpaw for the amazing gift!
Now onto what the Dollies think!
Once I got home, with Kit. (Did I mention that I brought Kit with me to Mawmaw's house?)
The girls were gathered around chattering about what the Redhead might have gotten, they knew tonight was usually a big night, and wanted to see the long awaited surprise last year it had been Saige.
"Look! Here comes Kit now!"
"Hi girls,"
"What's wrong Kit?"
Kit joined the circle, and then Ruthie asked the question.
"What did the Redhead get?"
Kit was quiet for a second before answering, "You'll see. You can come on out now."
She said calling over in the direction of the dining room.
A girl in a pink dress, with a bonnet on her head over her long golden locks of curls, stepped into view. the girls' mouths dropped, 
"No way--"
"Hi." spoke the girl softly, looking at the circle of girls.

"Girls, may I introduce Caroline. Lu's newest dollie."
"Hullo, I'm Caroline Rose." Said the girl, getting up her courage.
"Lovely to meet you, Caroline. I'm Kanani, this is Saige." spoke Ania nodding over to Saige, who was standing next to her.
"Hi.You all ready met Kit, that's Marie." she pointed onto the next couple of sisters.
"Hiya, I like your dress."
"I'm Felicity but you can call me Lissie."
"And I'm Ruthie!"

Woah--seven introductions...

New family picture!

Mum surprised me with another box after we got home, that came in earlier that day.

More on that a bit later,
I know you want more details on Miss Caroline! So let's go!
Here are her curls...they are sooo pretty!
Her gorgeous eyes.
Meet dress.
Dress and shoes.

And now, onto her holiday gown!
Her satin gloves are simply...beautiful.  One of the gloves was harder to get on than the other, I'm not sure why. But these are really nice quality except for that small fact, they feel like a really this satin. Just like the gloves I wear when I go to dances.
Her headband, (sorry it is a bit blurry)
Here's a better picture. I had to cut the tag so that it wouldn't get in the way.
(Before the tag was cut)

This is the little broach-belt thingy, really a sweet addition.
The adorable shoes! I think this might be one of my favourite parts of the outfit.

Catie did my hair.... :D
New family picture!

Another addition to our little dollie family, is mini Kit!

pretty eyes, her cute hair clip.
and the dress!
her sweet Mary-Jane's.
Kit is still trying to think of a name for her new dollie, we'll keep ya updated.
Time for Christmas pictures!!!
Miss Kit,
Little Saige,
and of course....
Kanani gave Caroline her dollie, so now Caroline has a little Caroline to name.

Let's move onto Caroline's accessories

Her top,
Her reticule,
It is so cute with her name and year she got it.
The flowers on her bonnet.
The ribbon on the bonnet.
Also! in the box with Caroline--came these paper dolls.

Here is the book that came with mini Kit.

and here's the box in case anyone wanted to see it.

All right! So there is our post, We will get the Christmas Day post up soon I hope, 
Hope you enjoyed,
Happy late New Year!


  1. This post is so cute ! I love the little photo story where Caroline meets the family! Would you recommend her?

    1. I would definitely recommend her! I love her hair and her eyes most of all. I haven't traveled with her much yet, so I don't know how portable she is yet, but I love her so much!
      Thanks for stopping by!