Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas in Mannerbee! 2014

On the 23rd. our family opened our Christmas presents, let's see a couple things I got!

Nooo I didn't get a bird ;P This is Bilbo, it is his second Christmas, he helped us open the presents.

We got tickets to the Celtic Woman concert this May!!!

And the Witch-king Battle

here are all of the pieces 
and the Characters. I asked for this set because it comes with Galadriel. Isn't she very pretty? I also like that it comes with Elrond! both of their faces are double-sided.  

Here's the finished set!

The extra bits.
and the Wizard! Isn't he completely adorable!
Time for the girls and dogs to open up their stockings.
Little Miss Kit with hers'.
Please excuse my hand,
here are the goodies inside.
A little Santa teddy-bear ornament,
(Each of the girls got one of these, only some of them were nutcrackers and the others were teddy-bears in Snowflake shirts)
Pick-up sticks! they can't wait to play it!
A little notebook.
And a camera fro the minis! 

Onto the next item, it is from American Girl.
It was intended for Marie...but I opened it instead ;P
The box, strange that it isn't Beforever...but I suppose it is one of the older pieces.

Addy's summer plaid dress! It is so cute!
It reminds me of Marie's special summer dress from a couple years ago:
(Picture from google) See? similar aren't they!

And the adorable boots! They are a bit hard to get on...but I think once they are worn a couple times it will be easier!
here she has the apron on too.

And there's the ribbon that it comes with.
In all, I really like this outfit! it is very sweet for a picnic, or just baking at home! great quality.

I also got some tea.

I steeped it a little too long the first time, but it was really tasty! 

Some little Lego this and that's! 
Jelly Babies for all the Whovians! 
And now the dollies wish to show you what they got for Christmas, you all ready saw Marie's gift, now here's the Redhead's gift(Saige and Felicity).

"Wait--there's one more!"
"I wonder who it is for."
"Well pull it out and let's see!"
"Saige and Felicity."
"Oh goody! It's for us!!"
"Open it!"
"All right, let's get this opened up."
"Here Saige, you can start."
"And you next Lissie."
they each opened one side, like good sisters ;)

"Very pretty tissue paper."
"Agh, Why is it so thick. I want to see inside."
"Hold on Saige."
(There's that hand again.)
"Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!"
"It's one of those dolls!"
"She's gorgeous!" 
"Look she has red hair like us!"
"But she had green eyes like your's."

"Let's get her out of that box. It can't be comfortable."

Out of that stuffy box! her boots are adorable, and her hair is so soft.
She looks a lot like Felicity, which is kind of funny.

"Does she have a name?"
"Let's see..."
"Look. here it is!"
"Lana--What a pretty name."
"Kind of like Lainey."
"yeah that's funny."
(All right, I'll confess. this was supposed to be Saige's B-day present, but I never got her party post done--so she didn't get to open it. My brother actually bought her for me in October...and so he was very excited that I finally opened her up! I think Lana likes her new home. Little Lissie and Mini Saige sure do like her.)

Well! that is all for this post, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into Mannerbee's Christmas! Tomorrow we'll have our Christmas Eve post up! you will never guess what I got. 
Until tomorrow then my friends!


  1. It looks like you all had a really great time! That tea looks really good by the way. :D Ooh I can't wait to see your next post!!