Monday, 22 December 2014

things about the house.

This is another one of those posts that has been sitting in the drafts box for three weeks, so I'm going to post it anyway! Enjoy!
How often can you get your cat to sit still long enough to take  picture of her?

The Christmas tree!

Jess decorated my tree! it now says 3 days...not 18.

lights on the porch.

Another big thing that happened in November, is that Bren's Lego set that he won came in the mail finally! here are some pics.

and there is the finished set!

There's the back view.
He also bought 'The Cave' Minecraft Lego set.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Oh how lovely to see some pictures of you and your dolls in this festive time! Dan says to Brennan, "Oh wow!" Merry Christmas!!!!!!!1

  2. Your dolls look wonderful! I can nearly never get either of our cats to sit still for photos. Do you play the violin or the viola? Have a wonderful Christmas Lainey!!