Monday, 22 December 2014

More Christmas photos

Please allow me to apologise. I have not posted since the ninth...and that is beyond pathetic, especially seeing what time of year it is. I am so very sorry about that! I was not on the computer for about two weeks straight. Now that I have an excuse. let me show you a couple posts!
Another Dollie group picture!
I'm sure you guys get tired of these...but they are so easy to do.
The girls took some sister pictures!
Emily & Lizzie

Lanie & Kirsten

lil' Nellie and Kirsten

lil' Samatha

without Dolllies!

Emily by herself.

sorry the light is so bad!





lil' Molly.
And for the Six girls,
Felicity and little Lissie

The Redheads. Felicity & Saige, both with dolls

Saige and lil' Saige

Ruthie and lil' Ruth.

Kit and her two little dolls, Margret and Millie

Oh...and Grace

Kanani & Marie

Kanani Ania and little Miss Caroline
Marie, Sugar and Maria 

All the Minis in one picture!

Bren let me open my present from him early. this is what he got me!
Stephanie's new born lamb!
Here is the front of the box,
 And the back.

here is the mini-figure, she is really cute. I love her outfit, it is so very springy!

 And a close up on the stable.
 here's the instructions tablet, with the set number.
and here is the lamb! so cute.

Well lovelies, I believe that is it for this post! there will be another one soon though, tomorrow my family is opening presents, because on Christmas Day we are going up to Mississippi to my Grandmother's house, so there will be posts from that too!
have a very Merry Christmas everyone! and if it is cold where you are...keep warm!
Thanks for being such wonderful followers!

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  1. Lovely post Lu!! Merry Christmas! I've loved getting to know you and your sisters through blogging and now frequent correspondence.
    Much love
    Evie and family