Monday, 8 December 2014

Sled ride.

Hi, Kirsten here. Lainey let me get Penny out(With Felicity's permission) and the sleigh...she took some pictures of me getting her ready.
first I got her out.

My hair is a bit frizzy in these pictures...sorry about that.
Get the sleigh ready.
weave around the whatchamacallit.
Hook up Penny with the harness.

And get in!

cover up with the blanket so you keep warm...and

you're ready to go!
Thanks for reading this post!

and here is a sneak peek at the next post ;)



  1. Looks fun! Nice post. ;)


  2. "Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling, 'yoo hoo!' Come on it's lovely weather for a sleaigh ride together with you."

    Oh, are those the Railway Children next to Col. Brandon?